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Quick 4 night trip - help with where to stay.

I realize this question has been asked a ton of times but I'm struggling with where to stay. We are making a very quick trip across Switzerland this August. We only have 4 nights total as we are meeting family in Munich. We realize we will only be touching the surface but this is just to give us a taste of the country and will come back for a longer Switzerland focused trip in the future. I broke my Femur in May so my mobility in August will probably limit us to the most basic of hikes. Therefore, we know we will return in the future when I am back to normal.

We fly into Geneva and take a train directly to Montreux. Spend 1 night. Plan to visit Chateau de Chillon in the morning and then take Golden Pass train to Interlaken. We do not want to stay in Interlaken but I can't figure out if we should try to make it up to Murren or Wengen that night or if it will be too much hassle and we should settle in Lauterbrunnen. I have a tentative reservation at Hotel Stabbauch for two nights with a view of the falls.

From Bernese Oberland area we will continue Golden Pass train to Luzern and spend 1 night.
From Luzern train to Munich.

My main question is where to stay in the Bernese Oberland area?

Thank you for your help

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I would stay in Murren. It's IN the mountains, and the views are beyond fantastic. You don't have to crane your neck to see the mountains. There are easy hikes you can take from there. I've not been to Wengen, so I can't say if it is better or worse than Murren.

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Hi Debbie,

I have to say we loved staying in Wengen. Heaven on Earth. It's also on the train line up to Kleine Scheidegg and the Jungfraujoch. I hear the Mannlichen cable car and walk to Kleine Scheidegg isn't strenuous.
This is just what we experienced:

One evening we walked under the bridge and started walking on paved "streets" toward the end of the valley. We came across a bench that had a commanding view of the valley below and we sat there surrounded by alpine peaks, as if in a bowl. The sun was setting, the peaks were turning orange, yellow, red and there was the silence. Complete silence, except for the distant ringing of cowbells. Purely magical evening that we'll never forget.


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Thank you for your responses. Being IN the mountains does sound wonderful. I'll pull up hotels for each town and see if I can secure a decent reservation in one of them and visit the other :)

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Debbie--I vote for staying in Lauterbrunnen and at Staubbach. It's easier logistically to stay in Lauterbrunnen (more to do there, more restaurant options), and Staubbach is one of our very favorite hotels in Europe. Wonderful staff, and that view is unmatched. Good that you're going to Montreux and seeing Chillon--definitely worth doing. As is Luzern. That is a very quick trip, but you'll at least get a good sampling of Switzerland. Enjoy.

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I agree with Prof B. Why say "settle for Lauterbrunnen"? I PREFER Lauterbrunnen because of it's strategic location. You can go to Murren or Wengen if you want, plus if you're fogged in, you can walk or bus on down to Trummelbach Falls, which can even be seen in the rain. Same thing for the walk under Staubach Falls.

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We just returned last night. Spent 2 nights in Luzern at the Stern Luzern Hotel which is rated well. I would not recommend this hotel for several reasons, with the main one being street noise that kept us up all night - and I'm not a light sleeper. Loved the town, but not the hotel. We went from there to the Hotel Silberhorn in Lauterbrunnen. Loved this hotel! The only street noise was the 2 times the cows came through the street with their bells on! It was so cool to video it from our balcony. We were arriving late, so thought it would be best to stay 1 night there before going up to Murren for the next 3 nights. I wish we had stayed 2 nights there and 2 in Murren instead. Lauterbrunnen was a cute town. Loved "hiking" the little road/path along all those waterfalls! Eat at the campground restaurant, and see the cemetary too. In Murren we stayed at the Hotel Eiger. Loved this hotel as well. Awesome view from our balcony with only slight street noise when the windows were open. Excellent service and amenities. Murren was cute but a little sleepy. We did hikes going to Gimmelwald and up above Allmendhubble (?). We went up to Wengen one day and hiked down to Lauterbrunnen. Went to dinner one night in Interlaken. Glad we did not stay there. Too touristy feeling compared to the villages. My favorite hike was taking the little train up to Schynige Platte and doing the Panoramaweg hike. May be too much with your injury though. Have fun!!!!

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Thank you all. I can't believe I haven't made a reservation yet. I keep thinking I have it and then I read something else. I just need to make one and move on with the next town :)

Southern Girl - thank you for your input from having just returned.

I'd love the views from Murren but now I think I'm leaning towards Lauterbrunnen. Our time is so short. We have 3 nights but the first night we'll be arriving late so it doesn't count. Plus with the weather unknown we may be able to be more flexible with the 1 1/2 day of activity in the area.

Thanks all!

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My vote is for Murren for your stay. Realize it is quite late for lodging reservations in this beautiful area. Keep your options open, and gd luck.
Wherever u stay in berner oberland it will be wonderful.