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Questions on Jungfraujoch - travel with Berner Oberland Pass

Will be in Grindelwald from 8th June - 14th June. I am thinking of getting a Berner Oberland Pass. I understand that the Eiger Express is covered by the Berner Oberland Pass but the second leg of the journey (train) is not covered.

Q1. Should I buy the 2nd leg (train) tickets to Junfraujoch online or at the station before I get on the Eiger Express? The understanding is that we buy the tickets only after checking the weather on the day.

Q1a. Are there crazy queues for buying tickets at the station?

Q 1b. If Online tickets is an option. Which website should I use? I have found the below: is this the correct site?

The problem with this site is there is no option to select Berner Oberland Pass when booking the ticket. It shows the concession for the “Swiss travel pass”, “half fare card”, “Eurail/ InterRail pass” or GA travel card. Does the Berner Oberland Pass fall under one of these options?

Q2. I have seen advice to take trip up to Jungfraujoch on the earliest day that weather permits. My question is if the first clear day is a Sunday, will it be super crowded?

Q3. What is the earliest time to check the Live cameras that give you an Idea that the weather / Visibility is fine? I noticed tickets for the Eiger express available from 7.15 in the morning.

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If you are there for 7 days, you should get the 8-day Berner Oberland Pass. If you get the Half Fare Card as well, you save 108 CHF on the price of the pass. Another way of thinking about it, you get a Half Fare Card for 12 CHF. You can use the Half Fare Card to book the round trip from Eigergletcher station, which will be less than the 99 CHF offer on the Berner Oberland Pass. You can also use it for your travel to and from the Berner Oberland region.

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What terrific advice Sam.

We will be there in October and will have a BO Pass and a Half Fare Card. Still not sure if we will go to Jungfraujoch but the reduced pricing makes it more likely.