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Question About Tipping on City Night Line

I've booked a 2nd class sleeper on the CNL from Basel to Amsterdam. It's my first time traveling by train.

Can anyone provide me with the tipping protocol for the sleeper car attendant? When? How much? Or is it not necessary or expected?


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No tip necessary, expected, or desired. You're dealing with a well paid, uniformed employee of Deutsche Bahn.

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A general comment DON'T TIP ANYBODY except if exceptional circumstances.

If you ask the people themselves, they will always say "yes tip", who turns down free money? In most cases it is only people from the USA who tip. the locals rarely do.. Prices are exoected to include all taxes and charges. If it says €18.50 on the menu or price list, most people will expect to pay exactly that, and no more.

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Everybody expects a tip in the USA. It's so ingrained in us. Even with receiving poor service in a restaurant, the expectation is still to leave a 15% tip; 20% or more for good service. It's a point of contention with me at times. The definition means "to insure proper service", so why do we cave in when poor service is provided? Because no one here wants to appear as though they're a cheapskate, I presume!

Thanks for your reply! :)