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Question about Centovalli Express and Glacier Express

We will visit Switzerland around June-July. We've a few questions in our mind.
1. We've got a Swiss Travel Pass already and we'd like to ride a Centovalli Railway (via Domossola - Locarno). Should we've to book it ahead? Or it's just a regular train? Is Swiss Travel Pass all covered?
2. About the Glacier Express Route, can we do a regular train on that route? We'd like to go from Chur-St.Moritz which is so short journey and we don't need to spend an extra cash on this.
Thanks for your answer. I'm very appreciated.

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  1. Yes, it is covered by the Swiss Travel Pass. No reservation needed or available.
  2. Yes, although you might have to change trains along the way. Even the Glacier Express stops for about 20 minutes to change crews at Disentis/Muster. It is the boundary of the Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn and the Rhaetische Bahn. Schedule at

St Moritz-Chur is a single train journey. Trains once per hour.

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Thanks sam, that helps me a lot!
More question, is Centovalli Line is just a regular train? Or it is a special train with station changing at Domossola? The information about Centovalli Line is so confusing. If can't find it online.

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It is a normal train, but during the tourist season it can sometimes fill up quickly, so don't be late. Also you may have to pay a couple of Francs taxes on it, at least the last time I was on it, they collected a small fee on board for some reason.

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Carcassonne, The Centovalli line runs from Domossola to Locarno. This is a regular line with hourly trains. There are no through trains at either end. You always have to change at both Domossola and Locarno.
Look at the Swiss rail map here, which shows where your Swiss Pass will be valid:
Details are on the company website here: Click on 'EN' for English, 'IT' for Italian or 'DE' for Deutsch.
A timetable for the Centovalli line is here:

Chur to St. Moritz, like all rail routes in Switzerland, has (at least) on train per hour. It takes 2 hours, which I would not call a "short journey", but is very scenic. And you get to go over the famous Landwasser viaduct:

You can get times for all Swiss trains, including the Centovalli line, on:

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A bit of further information on the Centovalli Railway, which is operated by FART (Ferrovie Autolinee Regionali Ticinesi)....

When you arrive in Domodossola, you have to change trains. The Centovalli station is separate from the regular station and located underground. Some of the trains will be the panoramic versions with the large windows (that was taken in the station at Domodossola). The station in Locarno is also underground, and when you walk up to street level you'll see the "other" station.

According the Swiss Rail website, some Centovalli trains may require reservations.....

"Note: A supplement/reservation is required on all or some of the services selected for this route. Depending on the time the journey commences, you will also require a night supplement. Tip: it is best to check this on the timetable before starting the journey (the train is marked "Z" rsp. "SN" or «N» in the connection information and on the departure board in the station/stop). For more information ask at your local station or call Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network)."

It's likely you would have to purchase a separate reservation, to use in conjunction with your Swiss Pass.

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Thanks Chris F and Ken.
So it is a regular train which needs a reservation, isn't it? Though can I reserve this route with my Swiss Pass? I thought that you can't reserve a regular train route with Swiss Pass, all you can do is just hop on and off, mat be I misunderstood?

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Once you've decided which departure of the Centovalli Railway you want to use, you should be able to buy reservations at any station in Switzerland. Present your Swiss Pass and they should be able to sell a supplement, if required.

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Carcassonne, It is a regular train and therefore does not need a reservation. Virtually no trains in Switzerland need a reservation, only a few tourist-orientated extra trains like the Glacier Express or the Bernina Express; and in all these cases there are regular trains on the same lines which do not need a reservation, and sometimes the reservation is only needed for the panoramic coaches.

If you have a Swiss Pass you can get on any regular train operated by Swiss Railway companies (as per map: ). It is just "turn up and go".

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As I recall some of the Centovalli trains do use panoramic cars such as the "Z" trains referenced in the quotation I mentioned earlier. In the same situation, I'd still ask at the ticket office so there are no "surprises" on travel day.

Just a thought....

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Thanks to Chris and Ken. I'm really appreciated.
From your information, may be I'd ask about it at any train station first. If it do need reservation, I'll reserve it. If it does not require reservation, there's nothing to lose. Right? Thanks again!

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Ok I've just emailed to FART and about reservation on Centovalli line. I'll just post here for someone who may search about this topic in the future. These are their answers,

From FART,

Blockquote Good morning,
The reservation is only required to 8 people.
Swisspass is valid you do not pay, only the supplement for the scenic train CHF.1.50 per person.
You can take the train you want.
Info timetable


Blockquote Thank you for your query.
It is not possible to reserve seats in the Centovalli Railway. The Swiss Travel Pass covers the stretch Domodossola - Locarno (Panoramic journey).
You can select a regional train from Chur to St. Moritz. When you are travelling with a regional train, you don't need to pay a surcharge.
Map of validity Swiss Travel Pass:
You may select journeys or plan trips under
Assistance for online journey planning is available under:

By the way, thanks for you guys answer. I'm really appreciated.

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Thanks for the clarification on that. I vaguely remembered that I had paid some kind of supplement for riding on the Centovalli, but couldn't remember the details. It's good to hear that it's only a small charge for the scenic trains, and not a seat reservation.