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Quarantine in Zurich

We will be flying into Zurich which currently requires a 7-day quarantine on May 10. Will we get to chose our hotel or does their Homeland Security select it for us? Of course, we will need a hotel with restaurant. Any advice will be of great help to us.
Thank you.

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And remember......what is true today may not be true by the time you arrive in Zurich.

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If you are quarantining, you should be having room service, not mixing with others in a restaurant. May is a long way off in terms of Covid and much will change before then.

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Don’t forget that only certain Americans can enter Switzerland currently, and no tourists. You have to have a residence card or a few other exceptions.

Linked from the page that Joe shared above is this page with a FAQ that details who is and isn’t allowed to enter under current rules (which, as Jennifer pointed out, may change by May).

(For purposes of understanding, know that the Swiss government has classified the United States as a “high-risk country” for Coronavirus (as stated in Annex 1 of the Covid-19 Ordinance 3). Therefore, on the FAQ, you look at restrictions for persons from high-risk countries (I am assuming you are coming from the United States since you give Washington as your location.)