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Planning 6 nights in Lauterbrunnen and in 2 huts

Rick Steves has guided me to many great places in the world!! Last year I followed his advice and went to Mürren. This gem is a corner of paradise on this planet! I was only there for 2 days. Not long enought! When I left, I knew I had to return.... So I am planning a trip (June 2019) where I will be staying at the Valley Hostel for 6 nights (a bit cheaper than what I could find in Mürren this time), as well as one night each in the Lobhorne Hütte and the Rotstock Hütte. I am hoping to hike approx 6 hrs a day (I will be there with my 26 yr old daughter). Several of the trails that I am looking at start out of Mürren. I have spent endless (fun!) hours reviewing trail and topography maps.... Just when I think that I have most things figured out, I come across new websites with all sorts of new and interesting information! Does anyone have any input regarding trails and hikes starting out of either Lauterbrunnen and/or Mürren? I am also wondering if it is worth it to buy a train ticket up to the Jungfrau and hike around there...? Thanks!!

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Did you check accommodations in Murren including the Chalet Fontana or the Sports Center? There’s also the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald, but I’d much rather be in Murren.

There’s also a new place opened in Murren called the Pop-up Lidge which is in the old Anfi Palace.

There are also AirBnb rooms in Murren.

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Since you are looking at trails, you should click on my name, where you'll find a link to our dozen favorite trails in the area, with maps and pics. Only one of them is 6 hrs (Schynige Platte to First), and most of the rest are 2 hours, but you could string several of those together as some end where another begins (often at Murren). If nothing else, the pics might inspire you to check out a certain area.

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I can't provide much information on hiking trails but do have a few comments on travel to the Jungfrau. However I can recommend the hike (stroll?) from the top of the Allmend-Hubel Funicular back to Mürren. It's a great way to spend a few hours in the alpine meadows listening to the cow bells. Note that the Allmend-Hubel Funicular is scheduled to be out-of-service for maintenance until 13 June. As I recall there are a couple of hotels up there where you can stop for a "cool one" if desired.

If you're staying in the Valley Hostel, you'll likely be using the transportation systems in that area to some extent. Having one of the Swiss Passes may save you some money, especially on the trip to the Jungfraujoch (one of the most expensive in the area). This website may provide some answers on which pass to buy - .

Depending on which side of the valley you're mostly going to be travelling on, the Half Fare card or Swiss passes may be the best option. You could also look at the Berner Oberland Pass or the Jungfrau Pass. Unfortunately the bad news is that you're going to have to sit down with a sharp pencil and do some number crunching to figure out which of the many passes will be the best option for the specific touring you plan to do.

One caveat to mention regarding travel to the top of the Jungfrau to "hike around there". The top of the mountain is at 12,000 feet+ and physical activity at that altitude for a prolonged period may cause you some problems. Altitude affects everyone differently, but something to keep in mind.

Also, prior to taking the expensive train to the Jungfraujoch, it's a really good idea to check one of the webcams to make sure the top is not shrouded in fog or low cloud.

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Several of the trails that I am looking at start out of Mürren.

You can always hike between Lauterbrunnen and Mürren, too.

I am also wondering if it is worth it to buy a train ticket up to the Jungfrau and hike around there...?

Jungfraujoch is on the glacier, so there is no hiking there. In good weather you can follow a groomed glacier track to Mönchsjochhütte (3650 m) - crampons recommended.

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@Shoe, your website is great! I love seeing the pictures of each trail--with limited time there, this helps us decide which trail to take.

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We have stayed in several mountain huts in the Appenzell area and enjoyed them greatly. We have only done day hikes out of Murren so I can't give you specifics about either Lobhorne or Rotstock huts. However, cash is the preferred payment method in the huts we visited. Fortunately, we had just enough cash with us to take care of the bills but it could have been pretty embarrassing. ATMs are plentiful in cities but not so much in the Alps. You should also bring your own sleep sacks when staying in the huts. We use cotton sleep sacks but silk is also available and packs considerably smaller than the cotton. The dorm style feather beds on top of the mattresses are warm but you want your own clean sleep sack under the comforter.
The Lobhorne hut is near Isenfluh. There is a quaint little cable car that we took down to Isenfluh from the trail we were hiking. There was a phone hand set that we had to pick up to call the operator of the cable car. It only operated when it was needed. I don't know if this is still how the cable car operates but it was a really cool memory from hike. There is a Post bus that you can ride down from Isenfluh to Lauterbrunnen. The road is very spirals down inside the mountain. The Swiss are master tunnel builders!

The patio on the back side of Hotel Bellevue in Murren should not be missed. The view is spectacular, especially while enjoying a beverage in the southern exposure sun. (Hotel Bellevue is our favorite place to stay)

Enjoy your trip.

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Hi Jay, Thank you so much for all that useful info!!

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Rotstockhütte is a nice hike, but under 6 hours. We did it as a dayhike from Mürren. You might arrive inntime to explore beyond, in the higher Valley.

If you have extra days and are looking for more hikes from Múrren or Lauterbrunnen, my top recommendation would be from Stechelberg into the upper valley. Past three mountain Inns (lunch stop?) to Oberhornsee and back.

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Hi Lola,
Thanks so very much for that suggestion!! This is so useful! On one of my old maps, I just found the trail that goes up to Oberhornesee. I can't wait!!!
Kind regards, Monica