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Plan Need for 3 days in switzerland


I am living in Germany. I plan to visit Switzerland.

Please any body suggest to see the nice places in Switzerland.

And also suggest which pass I need to take it in Swiss? Otherwise shall I use eurail pass for entire trip in Switzerland.

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If you are living in Germany you are ineligible for a Eurail Pass.

Have you got a guidebook for Switzerland? It will describe many nice places, and you can compare them with your interests.

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I am not German citizen. So in this case, whether euro rail pass is better then Swiss pass? Please suggest me.

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It doesn't matter if you are citizen or not, you cannot buy a Eurail pass in Europe. Eurail does not cover many of the private rail lines in Switzerland anyway. If you are only going to be traveling in only one country, it is better to buy that country's pass, if at all.

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If you are already in Germany, and only have 3 days, that is only 2 nights.
And you have to include time for travel from wherever you are in Germany. This will make a big difference, as for example if you are in Hamburg it will take most of a day, and cost a lot more, to get to Switzerland than if you are in southern Germany. Where exactly are you living in Germany?

You need to pick one place to visit for your 2 nights. For example Luzern, or the Jungfrau region, or Zermatt. But, you have to look at guide books and decide depending on what you like to do.

You can then look up times and prices of trains to get from wherever-you-are-now to wherever-you-want-to-go to on the German Railways website:
A pass will not be good value for such a short time, and a Eurail pass is only sold to tourists who do not live in Europe.