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Places to visit / stay near Genovia

Help please

I have hit information overload.....We will on a RS tour that ends at Chamonix on a Friday, our plane leaves from Genovia on a Sunday. We are looking for a place not too far outside of Genovia to visit/stay on Friday and Saturday nights.

We are not interested in Museums and we do not have a car.

Thank you for any feedback you have.


Ok People give me a break ;) .... I am in bad need of a vacation and YES spelling is not my strong point, add the time change to the mix and I am lucky to have signed my name correctly.
However all of you did notice the post. So back to the suggestions of an area to visit around GENEVA please

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Ummmm. Genovia. I like the anthem: "Genovia, Genovia, a land I call home!"

I will take it that it was late and you were very tired when you posted that! :-)

in GENEVA, on the other hand, you might consider going straight to the Ibis Hotel at the airport. It will simplify your final morning. Ibis is easy and affordable. Also, Geneva airport is only a couple of kilometers (4 or 5) from the city center with easy bus and rail conections into town for a little exploring on Saturday.

Good luck, have fun!

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A little too much "Princess Diaries" perhaps???

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This is a post to remember! If you are Julie Andrews fan, also check out Salzburg!

Edit - I just saw from one of the other posts that you are going to Salzburg (which was spelled Saltzburg in the post, however). Spelling doesn't seem to be Jeff's strong point :).

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Salzburg as a deviation from Chamonix on the way to the airport, that is a detour.
Can I suggest somewhere to stay Friday and Saturday? Yes, Chamonix, a nice little town in the mountains.
Or somewhere on Lake Geneva. On the Swiss side so you have good connections to Geneva airport, Montreux or Lausanne. But the problem here is to get to these places you will need to go via Geneva, which is inefficient.

Perhaps Jeff means Genoa (Genova in Italian)? :-)

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I was just kidding about Salzburg! I think he is going there earlier on his trip anyway.

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From Chamonix to Lausanne or Montreux, you need not travel via Geneve. Train schedules from SBB or DB will suggest a route through Switzerland via Vallorcine and Martigny.