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place to stay near Neisen mountain (Valley station Muelene), Switzerland

Hello, does anyone know where is a good place/hotel to stay near Neisen mountain (Valley station Muelene), Switzerland? The mountain lodge on top of Neisen mountain is all booked for my travel dates. I am not familiar with the nearby towns such as Spiez/Thun. Thank you for your help.

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Will you have a car?

The nearest village to Mülenen with a hotel appears to be Reichenbach Im Kandertal. There is a guesthouse there that Google maps says is 1 mile away. They are closed for renovation, but anticipate re-opening in late April.

If that doesn’t sound good, you can look on booking.cim for other possibilities, using Reichenbach i.K. As the search base. A few places will show up in nearby Aeschi. Or you could look for something in Spiez, which is closer than Thun. There are lakeside and lakeview hotels there. We had one I liked booked for a short stay on our way to Italy in 2020, but of course had to cancel. I would tell you the name if I could remember it, but I cannot.

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Sent you a PM. I stayed in Spiez and also didn't have a car.

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Are you going there for the Treppenlauf (run up the stairs)? Is your priority being able to get to the stop in Mülenen as easily as possible?

Trains run twice an hour from Spiez and it takes five minutes to get there. From Thun it takes around 20 minutes traveling through Spiez (sometimes with a change of trains). 

Aeschi, although beautiful, requires a bus down to Spiez and then train from there. This would be the least convenient option. Another location, in the opposite direction, is Frutigen, Trains also run twice an hour, only a five minute journey.

If you stay in Spiez, then something near the train station would be more helpful as taking a bus in the town is not as convenient. There will be taxis though.

Be aware that the station at Mülenen is “Halt auf Verlangen” (stop on request), so be sure to push the button for the stop. Sometimes there are buttons throughout the train and always at the door.

You will also need to request the train to stop for you on your return journey. There is a button at the station for this.

When the Niesen opens and the hiking season begins there are always lots of locals on the train who get off to hike there, someone else will most likely request the stop before you even have a chance to.