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Piz Gloria Schilthorn restaurant reservations needed?

I was wondering is it necessary to have reservations to have brunch or lunch at Piz Gloria, Schilthorn in beginning of June? I am not sure what day, I might be going. I was hoping to just be able to just show up. Those who have eaten there was it worth it?

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Honestly I'd recommend just going in there for a drink outside of the brunch time. The food is nothing special and you can get the feel for being in there for 20-30 minutes with a coffee, hot chocolate or beer without the hassle of reserving the brunch for a specific date and time when you have no idea if the weather will even be good to see anything. We spend our summers in Murren and go up to the Schilthorn often and have had the restaurant 100% to ourselves in the afternoon many times.

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5005 posts have no idea if the weather will even be good to see anything...

Very true. It was cloudy and misty rain the day we wanted to go, but the day before was beautiful. So we didn't bother going up. Since the weather is so unpredictable, I'd not make reservations at all.

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I had the breakfast brunch in Sept. 2021 and loved it. I still think about the mini waffles. :)

I had a reservation. I did email them ahead of time and I was told I could change the reservation if needed. You could email them to see if that is still possible. See link to “send an email” near the bottom of this page:

If you go first thing in the morning, you are probably ok with no reservation. But otherwise, if it’s something you really want to do, I would make a reservation.