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Pilatus vs Rigi vs Stanserhorn

Which one has (if they are all the same mention that too)

  1. The best views from the top
  2. The best easy hikes to even better views
  3. Best views from the train/cable car
  4. Other considerations that makes one stand apart.

One advantage of Pilatus is combining with the fun luge activity (though I need to find if I can do it while having my 3 yr old)
One advantage of Stanserhorm is that I can also do Fortress Furigen (though it seems the furthest away)

Any other suggestions for a spare day at Lucerne?

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I have not been toStanserhorn, but of the other
Two I prefer Pilates.
Lucerne is a beautiful and relaxing town to walk across the bridge , is it the Lion monument and generally enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the town

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I've only been to Pilatus but have seen a friend's photos from Rigi, never heard of Stanserhorn. I would venture to say the views of the alps from the top are all similar - fantastic! I absolutely loved the views from the gondola and the cogwheel train going up and down Mt Pilatus (up by gondola/cable car, down by train). There may not be all that many who have done all three that can accurately compare them for you. We didn't hike so I can't answer that.

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Rigi has two advantages :
- many easy hikes
- included in Swiss passes or saver day passes.