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Parking in Lauterbrunnen

We will be driving through Switzerland and plan to stay for a few nights in Murren. Is there a safe place to park our rental car while we are staying in Murren? Thanks for your help!

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There is a parking garage at Lauterbrunnen station and an outdoor lot at the base of the Stechelberg Tram.

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I've used the Lauterbrunnen multi storey car park happily for several days.

It is several stories high, concrete, with lifts (elevators) - nice ones, I've never had any trouble finding a space - the spaces are not small, and there is a tunnel under the track for easy access to the station, and the tunnel continues to the cable car up the hill. The toilets in the tunnel are convenient but nothing to write home about.

It is nice in the parking structure to hear the river gurgling by.

The car park down the valley at the foot of the Gimmelwald cable car is an open car park, a little less organised, free for the first hour, a little bit less money than the multi storey, and has a view of all the landing paragliders coming down the cliff. Of course, being an open lot, there is no weather protection. I haven't heard of any problems at either car park. That doesn't mean that there are none, just that I haven't heard of any.

Chris, who lives in Muerren part of the year, confirmed similarly in a thread last year.

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Yes, I parked there on my first trip to Murren. Taking the wonderful Swiss trains all around and not even getting a rental car is the best option while in Switzerland. But if you must have a car then you can definitely park it in Lauterbrunnen or Stechelberg.

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My impression of the car park at the base of the tram is that it is used largely by residents from up the hill.

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Thank you so much for your comments. It looks like we have a couple of safe options for parking while we enjoy Murren.