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Paris to Switz (Zürich) 4-5 day stop 10-15 APRIL, then to Barcelona

Help! We made last minute changes to our itinerary to include switzerland in our april eurotrip.

coming in from paris, either to zurich or geneva, whatever is easier.

what to do? We want to see some sights, experience the views, maybe hike (both really active but not sure it will be warm enough), maybe mountain bike?

I have been to lauterbrunnen on a day trip from DE but thats it.

does anything have any recommendations as to what we should do or where we should start?!?

Car rental vs train? if we train it will we need a car at each location or will buses do the trick?
Airbnd or hotels? Thoughts?

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Whether you take the train via the Geneva or the Basel-Zürich route depends on where you are going in Switzerland.
Once you have decided where (for example Lauterbrunnen), go to and enter Paris to xxx and date and time, and that will tell you which route to take.
Lauterbrunnen is in the bottom of a U-shaped valley, with waterfalls dropping off the sides. From there you can go up one side of the valley to Mürren, or the other to Wengen. Or go to Grindelwald which is in a different valley.
All these places are good bases to go to the top of the mountains by rack railway of cable car, and for hiking.
"what to do?" - just enjoy the mountains.
"if we train it will we need a car at each location" - no way. The road ends at Lauterbrunnen, after that it is trains or hiking. A train will get you faster and more comfortably from Paris to the Berner Oberland than a car would.
For a panoramic map of the area, see here:

For you onward trip to Barcelona, that is a bit far by train, best option is to get a train to Geneva or Zürich airport, then a cheap flight.