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Paris To Swiss Alps to Milan to French Riviera

Hi all!!!
We are flying into Geneva Switzerland next week, then headed to Paris for the Ryder Cup. We will then be heading to Milan for a golf tournament, and want to stay a night or two in the Swiss Alps on our way there. After the tournament we want to go down to Genoa then to the French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Cannes etc) We have rented a car. Will be there for 2 weeks. Any suggestions welcomed!!! Things to see, do, driving directions etc. But definitely where to stay!!! We are romantics and love the ocean, castles, great food, beautiful hikes, history, and of course the popular sightseeing destinations. Thank you for taking the time to make suggestions!!! :)

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Assume you are flying home from Geneva. Get International Drivers Permits to go with your drivers licenses.

Can't go too far wrong with a stop in the Berner Oberland on the way to Milan. Park the car in the garage at Lauterbrunnen and go to Muerren for 2 nights.

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How many nights will you have left after you depart Milan? I'm unclear what you mean by "Will be there for two weeks". If that's the full length of your trip, I can only say that you have an aggressive itinerary.

What date are you returning home, and is it from Geneva?

Rick has a dedicated guide book for southern France. If you have more than a few days in that area, the book will be extremely helpful. There are many art museums, there are gardens, there are Roman sites, there are beaches, there are picturesque hill towns, there is good food, etc. Much depends on your particular interests.

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We are picking the car up in Geneva arrive 6 am. and driving to Paris later that day. We will be in Paris for 3 or 4 nights. One day is dedicated to the Ryder cup, and one full day of sightseeing. We will then head to Milan and want to stop a night or two in the Swiss Alps. We will be in Milan for 4 days, then we have 4 days at the end of the trip we are thinking of driving down to Monaco/Nice etc. We fly home from Geneva.

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For the Alps, consider Aosta Valley in Italy and Chamonix in France (near Geneva).

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The Ryder Cup is at the National Golf Club of France, which is south of Versailles. Don't know where you are staying in Paris. I imagine hotel space in the area will be scarce. And what is the transport situation? Remote lot and busing to the site? A car would be an expensive pain in the a in Paris proper.

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You have a lot of car time ahead of you. Geneva to Paris is over 5 hours while you are in a sleep-deprived state. Paris to Lauterbrunnen is easily 8 hours, then to Milan about 4. All of this can be more easily done by train. Maybe you can rent a car outside of Paris for your time going to the Ryder Cup instead of all that driving and having to worry about staying awake. Then return it and go to Switzerland and Milan by train.

Maybe you need a car then in Milan for the golf tournament. Or can you use taxis and avoid the hassle as a one-way rental returning it in Switzerland will be crazy expensive.

For two weeks you need to rethink the amount driving.