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Train Help Paris to Solothurn, Switzerland on April 5


Our family of four (2 adults and 2 kids, ages 6 &5) will be traveling from Paris to Solothurn.

We will be leaving Paris on April 5 to travel to Switzerland and flying out of Basel, Switzerland on April 8.

Should we purchase a Swiss Rail Pass (with kid travel family pass) and then the TVG Lyria tickets to get from Paris to a city in Switzerland?

I see a few options taking the TVG Lyria to NEUCHATEL and there are 6 minute transfers which to take another train to Solothurn.
6 minutes seems a little tight with 4 kids and luggage. Should we travel through another city on the TVG Lyria

Does anyone have suggestions on the best route from Paris to Solothurn? And which rail passes we should purchase?

Thanks for your help!


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Laura, you are over-thinking this. Questions like this are what the railway company websites are for.

Go to the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) website:
Enter from: PARIS, to: Solothurn and your desired date (5/4/18) and departure time.
This will always find you the quickest route. It gave me lots of options.

Paris-Gare de Lyon dep 07:15, Solothurn arr 11:24
Paris-Gare de Lyon dep 07:57, Solothurn arr 12:32
Paris-Gare de Lyon dep 10:15, Solothurn arr 14:24
Paris-Gare de Lyon dep 11:45, Solothurn arr 16:24

and so on through the day. If you click on each option it will show you the routing and where you change trains.
You can then buy a ticket from Paris to Solothurn. You do not need separate tickets for each train. These tickets will be "print-at-home".
When you want to get from Solothurn to Basel airport, just buy a ticket at Solothurn station on the day.

Whether you want a pass depends on how much other travelling you will be doing in Switzerland.

Edit: P.S. 6 minute change time is OK. The trains are designed to connect. Just be standing up with kids and luggage and waiting to get off before the train stops. The website will show platform numbers. In some cases they will be adjacent platforms, when you get off the other train is in front of you.