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Paris to Murren in April

My wife and I are planning some travel in mid to end April from Paris to Switzerland. Given we will be seeing other countries as well we were thinking about the Eurail global pass. Are the trains from Paris to Lauterbrunnen covered with this? Furthermore, what is the best travel option from there to Murren. We love to hike and will be looking to spend a few nights in the area to explore and also for photography. Any extra suggestions in this regard? Could we obtain a map of hiking trails locally?

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You do realize you will be arriving in Muerren during mud season. The snow has just melted and farmers are spreading the winter stockpile of manure on those pristine Alpine pastures.

A bit of planning will save a lot of money over buying a Global Pass and avoid the frustration when you find out that pass holder seats are limited on French high speed trains and the fact that you still need to purchase seat reservations. From Interlaken to Muerren you will only get a 50% discount at best.

On the other hand, I see a 7:23 departure to Basel for only 25 euro pp on April 22. Spending a lot of time in Switzerland with a lot of travel, look at a 30-day Half Fare Card for 120 chf pp.

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The Berner Oberland isn't worth your limited vacation time in April, for precisely the reasons given above. Hiking options are limited, weather is usually overcast (hiding those mountain views you paid so much to see), most hotels and restaurants temporarily close, and there's also the manure factor. Plan something else.

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Rather than visiting the Berner Oberland in April, you might consider Lucerne instead. It's a beautiful city and you won't have to be concerned with mud or manure spreaders.

If you do want to see the Berner Oberland, you could perhaps stay in Lauterbrunnen or Wengen.

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Trains from Paris to Interlaken are covered by Eurail passes, and then the pass allows you a 25% discount on tickets from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and other destinations around that valley. On direct trains from Paris to Swiss cities (such as Basel), the required TGV seat reservation is quite expensive for passholders; it would be cheaper to reserve to Strasbourg and make a connection there. See related info on our Switzerland and France rail pages.

How to Look Up Train Schedules and Routes Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it. This will show you connections all the way to Muerren. Muerren BLM station is for the lift/train departing Lauterbrunnen via Grutshalp. Muerren LSMS station is for the lift from Stechelberg (but you take a bus from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg).

The tourist offices in Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, or Muerren should all offer hiking maps. The easiest trails are well signed and well used.

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I like Rick's idea of renting a bike up top and coasting/gliding back down