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Paper hiking map of Bernese Oberland area

Looking for a hiking map of the Bernese Oberland area. We will probably spend most our time hiking around Lauterbrunnen/Grimmelwald. I can use the Gaia app on my phone but I am also looking for a paper map.

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You can get one in the hotel, or any nearby rail or cablecar station, or at the various Tourist Information offices.

There isn't a "Grimmelwald". There is Gimmelwald, mentioned in Rick's books and nearly at the same elevation and just along the cliff from Mürren. Another similar named town, very much larger, is Grindelwald which is another valley over from the Lauterbrunnen Valley, and looks out on the Eiger.

Do you know which one you mean?

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Thanks. I meant Gimmelwald. My spelling isn't the best sometimes. I would like to get a paper map for planning purposes before I go to Switzerland. They seem kind of hard to come by.

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A good starter before your trip is in the Rick Steves' Switzerland book. I don't have the most recent one but I don't expect it to have changed much - there used to be a 2 page drawing and description of many of the same walking and hiking routes in the Berner Oberland section of the book.

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Hello--Just adding to Nigel's post. I have the latest edition of RS Switzerland, which is the Ninth Edition, and it does have maps of both Lauterbrunnen and Gimmelwald area hikes.

Also, i'm not sure how to link, but forum member Shoe has great descriptions of the hikes for that area. Be sure to search for those.

Have a great trip!!

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For the Gimmelwald side, here is a pdf file you can print that shows a basic map of the area (not an in-depth topo map, though).

Here is a useful web site describing the hikes:

For the other side of the valley, you can get pdf file maps from these sites:

Here’s another good site describing hikes:

Based on an earlier post, you can get official topo maps with paths marked.

Go here:
Then click on "Hiking in Switzerland", then zoom to your desired area.
Hiking paths are shown in green. Dashed lines ( - - -) are mountain paths, experienced walkers only. Solid lines (____) are normal paths.
You can print out maps (convert to PDF) at your desired scale (1:50 000 or 1:25 000), ten either print he PDF to paper, or out on your phone."

All the best,


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This is Shoe. If you would like photos and maps of the popular hikes in the area, click on my name over there on the left, which brings you to my profile, and there you will find a link to a website that will likely be what you want.

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Topographical paper maps with footpaths (1:50 000 and 1:25 000) are available in many shops in the area. But the issue is that you want a paper map before you leave home.

All Swiss topographical footpath maps are available online to print at home free (apart from the cost of paper and ink).
Go here:
Green is footpaths, solid lines (____) is a hiking path, dashed lines (- - - -) is a mountain path, experienced walkers only.
Pan and zoom as you wish, then click on print (bottom left), select a scaled and print to PDF. Each PDF file fits on one sheet of standard computer paper (A4), you can print as, many as you like.

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Since you have your answer regarding the hiking map, I have one suggestion and that is to go to Trummelbach Falls. I just got back from an RS tour where we stayed in Murren and I just loved our stay there. Not sure where you’re staying but from Lauterbrunnen, you can take the bus or walk to the falls.