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Palm Express vs Bernina Express + Train to Lugano

Which one is more scenic?

I assume the Palm express is not as comfortable since it is a bus. Are the roads super windy (i.e a child who gets car sick in twisty roads may have issues)?

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The Bernina Route is Chur - Pontresina (near St Moritz) - Tirano and is the only one of the 3 rail routes through the Alps in Switzerland to go "over the top" (not in a long tunnel). As a result very scenic.

The Palm Express is, as you say a bus route: St. Moritz - Menaggio- Lugano. It is best done in combination with whole or part of the Bernina Route.
Windy? - somewhat windy in places. See the photo a the top of this page about the Pam Express:
But there are also lakeside bits. Even those are no straight, see here:
It all depends on how car-sick your child is, and how windy you call windy.

"Train to Lugano" - from where to Lugano? Can't comment much without knowing which rail route you are referring to.

Both the first two are best done as part of a tour, used as a method of getting from one place to another.
If you want to get from Eastern Switzerland (Chur) to Lugano, take the first half of the train route to St Moritz, and then the bus.
If you want to get to Lake Como or Milan, Take the full Bernina route to Tirano, from which there is a train onward to Lake Como and Milan.