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Overnight in Switzerland on the fairly cheap--brief report

Most of our trip is Italy; I added two nights up front as jetlag recovery days. One in Switzerland, one in Varenna. And I needed those days before Venice.

We arrived in Zurich airport about 10:30 a.m. The airport and customs was very easy. (I decided to get 300 swiss francs and pay cash for the hotel.) Everything at the airport was in English as well as German. Train connections to Pontresina via Chur were fast and easy. We did a long but not difficult walk up the hill to our hotel Schweizerhof. They give rides up the hill but we don't have a phone here.

Not feeling like an expensive dinner we ended up walking down the hill again to the restaurant at the Station Hotel. We had a good pizza and two beers each for less than $30.00. Breakfast buffet at the hotel was amazing. Anything you could think of and more. We then picked up a premade sandwich at the Coop grocery store for our next train ride on the Bernina route. We had plenty of money left for some apple strudel at Alp Grum train stop.

Pontresina was totally German language. The pizza restaurant was Italian speaking. As we got closer to the border. Italian took over. The town is full of hikers. Everyone is dressed in outdoor clothes.

Misc.: The Swiss seem to like electic outlets with three outlets in a circle. These did not fit our basic small adapters. There was a single one by the sink that fit. Now duvets! You have a choice between a thick duvet or nothing. I sleep hot, so I ended up sleeping in my clothes.

Thanks to those who answered my questions!

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