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overnight hub between Tirano and Lauterbrunnen?

We are hoping to split the travel from Tirano to Lauterbrunnen into two days. Wondering what options might be desirable scenic locations for an evening and mid-morning before continuing on to Lauterbrunnen? We're coming from Appenzell via the BEX so would prefer not to backtrack if possible. Currently looking at Locarno but it's logistically exhausting.


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If you look at the Swiss rail map you will see that backtracking to Chur or going from Tirano to Lugano or Locarno are you best options:

From Tirano you could take the Bernina Express bus to Lugano and change there to the EC train going to Luzern for your overnight. Or, if you don’t want to go as far as Luzern, you could change at Bellinzona to the regional train IR 26 or IR 46 that makes lots of stops and get off at Flüelen on the lake (Vierwaldstättersee aka Lake Lucerne) for your overnight. Then ride a boat up the lake to Luzern the next day, picking up the train to Interlaken Ost and Lauterbrunnen.

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Are you aiming at the morning BEX, then continuing to Locarno, or the afternoon BEX and spending the night in Tirano? If the morning train, you will have to leave Appenzell at 5;30 am.
Tirano to Locarno is pretty easy with a train to Monza, then the RE 80 to Locarno. You might not be seeing the Tirano-Monza leg right now if you are traveling after June 8, since it is a regional train and will not be officially on the schedule until June, but it will show up.

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Thanks for the thoughtful replies. We will be staying the night in Tirano, sorry I wasn't clear. Tirano to Locarno via Monza looks efficient and like it would allow us opportunities to stop off at Como and Lugano on the way, which is great. Thank you!

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Of course, if you take the time to stop over in Como and Lugano, you will arrive too late in Locarno to enjoy it. You'll just spend the night and then head to Lauterbrunnen in the morning.

Going to Lauterbrunnen, take the Centovalli Railway to Domodossola, then the RE 1 to Brig. Suggestion: stay on the RE 1 all the way to Spiez as it is one less train change and much more scenic than the fast way through the Loetschberg Base Tunnel, It only delays your arrival in Lauterbrunnen by 30 minutes. Sit on the left hand side for the best views.

If you take the 7 am train from Tirano (current schedule, and no reason to expect a change when the summer schedule is released), you could afford to stop for a couple of hours in Lugano. There are luggage lockers there and a funicular down the the center city. Como or Varenna train stations have no lockers, so stopping is problematic with luggage.