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One Swiss Destination has to go. Which one?

We are traveling to Switzerland in September. In order to allow a longer stopover in Iceland, I was going to shave some time off our Switzerland trip. Which one should I lose?

2 nights Zermatt, 2 nights Lugano, 2 nights Appenzell, or 2 nights Lucerne

The four nights in Murren and three nights in Colmar, France, must stay. Thank you for any recommendations!

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It depends on what airport you are flying into.

The town Appenzell looks fake and is nothing exciting; they just do a good job photographing it. But the Ebenalp in the region Appenzelland is worth the visit

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I'd toss Lugano as it is a bit of an outlier.

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I'd also skip Lugano unless Italy is in the itinerary. It's a little out of the way and you'll see plenty of great stuff elsewhere.

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I'd skip Zermatt unless it is important to you. It is out of the way from the rest.

Or Lugano could go. So far south, practically Italy, it could go.

I've never been to Appenzell so I'd be temped to skip it once again.

No way would I leave out Luzern, but you've only given it one day. I'm not an Instagrammer so I prefer longer there. Especially with the boats, and Rigi, and Pilatus. No way I could do what I wanted in just one day.. 2 nights gives only one full day somewhere.

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I agree with some of the others. Depending on what route you choose to follow, I'd probably skip Zermatt or Lugano, and add time to Lucerne!

Appenzell is somewhat "unique" so I'd leave that in the Itinerary. The scenery is gorgeous and the culture is somewhat different than other parts of Switzerland so it's worth seeing (IMO).

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Thank you, all, for the great advice! I removed Appenzell and Lugano and added two more nights to Lucerne. I am hoping (praying) that the mountain is out in Zermatt, and we can do a hike around the Matterhorn, so I am keeping Zermatt. We now have five nights in Iceland and am also looking forward to that!

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Scenic wanderer, I think you'll be happy with your Swiss revisions. Have a great trip in this fantastic country!