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No Response from Hotel Des Alpes

Wondering if anyone knows anything about this hotel? It is the first hotel on our upcoming trip to Switzerland with RS, and I emailed them about a week ago asking if it would be possible to book one day early, what the price would be, and asking what time they allowed check-in, so we could figure out schedule when we arrived in Lucerne so far as dropping off luggage, etc. Their website doesn't seem to answer any of those questions, which I thought odd as well. Never did get a response from them? Not sure what to make of that?

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As you haven't had a response to your E-mail within a week, I'd probably phone them (keeping the time difference in mind of course).

That's a nice location - easy walk from the station and lots of nice restaurants and shops in the vicinity. If you're in the mood for Fish & Chips and a pint of Guinness, Mr. Pickwick is right next door (be sure to budget accordingly as it's not cheap).

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When that happens to me, I send another email and add "SECOND REQUEST" to the subject line. More often than not, I get a response to the second email.

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Hi cmj, we stayed at the Hotel Des Alpes with our RS tour in September 2016. Great location, nice rooms, and a good selection for breakfast. We also stayed there the night before the tour began and had no problems making reservations. Try e-mailing again or call. Great tour, beautiful country!

Hotel Des Alpes
Furrengasse 3
Tel: 011 41 041 417 60
E-mail: [email protected]

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I just booked one night with them online last Saturday. I received a nice email response on Sunday. Here is the contact information: [email protected] from Giulia Lobina

When is your tour? I'm booked on the one starting July 3rd.


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Thanks guys for all your quick responses! I did take the advice to email them a second time, and this time I received a response immediately. Evidently they didn't get my first email request.
Wow! That hotel is not cheap (at least by American standards) is it? Kristen--we are booked on the Aug. 7 tour, our first ever tour. Excited...and a little scared at the same time! But trusting Rick Steves to get us where we need to be and back on time. Thanks all!

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That hotel is not cheap (at least by American standards) is it? Kristen--we are booked on the Aug. 7 tour, our first ever tour

As a Swiss I'd say they were reasonable... I guess you will be in for a shock!

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"Wow! That hotel is not cheap (at least by American standards) is it?"

Welcome to Switzerland, where most things are expensive. I was in Lucerne in September and was reminded of the costs very quickly. As I recall, my Fish & Chips and a pint of Guinness at Mr. Pickwick's cost CHF30 (about C$40) for one person.

I choose not to worry about the costs, and just pay whatever is required to enjoy the incredible scenery and everything else in Switzerland. Just be sure to budget accordingly.

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Yes, four nights in Murren and we went out to dinner ONE night and ate from Co-op the rest. Load up at the included breakfast!! But the scenery was awesome.

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If you really want to see "expensive" in Switzerland, do some window shopping at the Bucherer Jewelry store in Lucerne. As I recall it's just around the corner from your hotel. It's always fun to dream about buying a CHF 20K watch or other trinket as a "memento" of Switzerland.

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I had a very nice stay at the Hotel des Alpes in Luzern in September 2014. I just checked my records, and for a single I paid 130 CHF plus local tax of 2.95 CHF, per night.

If you're looking to save money on food in Luzern (and you will be, once you see that restaurant meals cost 30-40 CHF minimum), you will want to go to Manora, Tibits, or the Coop grocery stores.

Manora is on the top floor of the Manor department store (close to your hotel). It's like a fancy buffet; the food is not sitting on steam tables, but is prepared fresh for you (for instance, if you want fish, they take a piece off the ice, bread it, and fry it for you). Main courses are about 15 CHF, and for about 3 CHF you can add "beilage," meaning all the starch and veggies you can fit on your plate. Fresh and delicious, for half the price of a regular restaurant. The only problems are, it's always mobbed (the Swiss know it's the best deal in town), and it's only open department store hours. This means early dinner Monday through Friday, lunch only on Saturday, and no meals on Sundays.

Tibits is hidden on the top floor of the train station (other eateries are in the basement). It's a vegetarian buffet, priced by weight, and very reasonable. It's open for lunch and dinner every day, so it's a great choice when you want a less expensive sit-down meal but Manora is closed.

There is a large Coop grocery store in the center (west of your hotel, in the store called Coop City) and a smaller Coop in the train station. There is also a fancier grocery store in the basement of Manor. These have pre-made sandwiches, hard boiled eggs (called picnic eggs), and other ready to eat items, for reasonable prices. I don't know if Manor has space to eat in, but the Coop grocery doesn't, so it's take out only.

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"* Excited...and a little scared at the same time! But trusting Rick Steves to get us where we need to be and back on time.*"

Mike, this is what you are paying for. You will have a wonderful time on this tour and yes they will get you there and back plus some! I'm glad the hotel got back to you. It is so much easier to spend an extra night at the tour hotel!

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Hi! Glad you received your response to the hotel. I think the Switzerland tour will be wonderful. I went to Switzerland in the mid 1990's and again this year on the GAS tour and on the BOE tour and loved it. It is a very expensive country. But the beauty of this country is like no other and it really will be an experience. I love to eat on vacation and I love nice resturants but if I was going on the Switzerland tour, I would make sure I hit the grocery stores at least for lunch to save money and just have something to eat to get through the day as it really is expensive. I love France and Italy for the food, but Switzerland is not really about the food, more about the scenery and the mountains. Have a wonderful time. This tour is on my bucket list.

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I always love 'picnic eggs'. Our little person loves them because they are just about ALWAYS colored like easter eggs. Seriously.