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New GoldenPass Express train

Seat reservations are now open for the new Goldenpass Express train that will run between Montreux and Interlaken without the need to change trains along the way. The first journey will be on Dec. 11th.

You can read all about it here

And book seats here

After posting I realized that this reads a bit like spam. Just meant as an FYI if anyone is interested. I have yet to actually reserve a seat on a Swiss train, so not sure if I will try this out or not. Could be good though.

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Thanks for the info. And wow to the prestige class seating!!! 😊

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Awesome! We are taking the current version from Zweisimmen to Montreux on Thursday. It is the only one of teh big 4 we have not yet had the chance to include in an itinerary. Looks like we need to plan for next year’s trip between Interlaken and Geneva to include this beauty!

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Thanks for posting this ! I recently took this trip , albeit with the changes . The fascinating bit about this is the technology of changing the gauge on the bogies . ( In the USA , train buffs refer to them as trucks ) In 2018 , we took a train in Spain ( I think it was from Ronda to Madrid ) where they changed from narrow to standard gauge along the way , but it wasn't as advanced as this new Swiss system .

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Oh , by the way , the train in Spain , stayed mainly on the plain . Sorry , I couldn't resist !

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Carrie ~ I know, right? How fun would that be?

Laurel ~ Enjoy the journey! The walk from Schönried down to Gstaad is another one of my favourites, but that is more of a day trip thing. Great train views in this section as well!

Steven ~ Now I have had Audrey Hepburn speaking “proper” English in my head all day…which led to ‘Roman Holiday’…which led to ‘Enrico Piaggio: Vespa’...

All that from a Swiss train 😄

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there are train vlogs showing trains changing gauges, yes I believe in the aforementioned Spain, I seem to recall there was a special shed where they actually lift the car up and transfer it to new bogies