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Need help with Zurich-Milan-Paris route for June

Hi all!

My bf and I have booked our trip to Zurich this June for 2 weeks and we were thinking of visiting Milan (for my shopping) and Paris (for more shopping and sightseeing). My best friend lives in Zurich and we're putting up in his house so we definitely will have to be in Zurich for most of the 2 weeks.

Thing is, I'm really confused with the route to take and I need some advice on how I should go about planning the trip such that it doesnt burn a huge hole our pockets.

I considered getting the Eurail which allows us to travel to 3 different countries. But Milan to Paris takes about 8-9 hours and frankly, we're not too keen on that one. Our flight to Zurich is 12 hours and my butt would get horribly huge by the time my holidays are over! hahaha

Should we travel by air then?

Or does this make sense, Zurich - Milan - Zurich, then on a separate day, Zurich - Paris - Zurich?

Any help/advice is GREATLY appreciated!


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There is TGV service between Zurich and Paris (4 hr) and I took it last week for a whole 25 euro. There is also an EC train every 2 hours between Zurich and Milan (3hr 40 min) and can be had for 40 chf.
These are advance purchase nonrefundable fares, but way less than a rail pass. So if you have bf in Zurich that will put you up, I'd go that route and take a couple of 2 or 3 day trips from there. Flying works too between Milan (Linate) and Paris (Orly). I see EasyJet tickets for as low as 38.50 euro. You will have to pay extra to haul all those Milanese treasures, but hey, who said shopping was cheap.

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There really is no need to go to Milan or Paris for shopping. Zurich is a great city for shopping for anything you might want or need--pricey, but so are Milan and Paris.
Save yourself the running around and enjoy the lake and the Zurich surroundings.

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Like Sam advised, I would break the trips up. The trains between Zurich-Milan and Zurich-Paris aren't too long, and are do-able. However, I think you could cut Milan. If there are other things you want to do besides shopping, visit. But overall Zurich has excellent shopping - mid- and high-range. Definitely take advantage of your base in Zurich and do day trips all around Switzerland though! Basel is really nice, Lucerne and Mount Rigi for another day trip.

For tickets - the Eurail pass is almost never worth it. It is better just to buy point to point tickets. You can save a lot if you buy them ahead of time. Your friend also may be able to purchase Tageskarte Gemeinde for you (basically day passes for public transportation in Switzerland). These will be 30-40chf per day, and will save you a lot depending how far you are traveling in Switzerland. Those must be reserved and purchased ahead of time for a specific date - so it will take some planning.

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Wow, thanks you guys! It really helped a great deal.

I've decided to break it up, seeing as how I might end up with excess luggage weight if I combine my own stuff and my shopping. Thanks Sam for helping me see this! Kudos to you too for the heads up on the TGV.

Yes, Joan, Zurich is indeed lovely! We were actually there last year and this will be a second trip. I must say, I loved chilling by the lake the most. Coming from Asia, its something we hardly do. I'm lucky my best friend migrated to Zurich so I have an excuse to visit often!

Devon, I asked another friend of mine who also said to skip Milan and do Paris instead. I reckon they're both pretty much the same in terms of shopping? I surely will visit other parts of Switzerland; last year we went to Lucerne, Laax and Lake Como and I'm sure there are other parts my friend's gonna take us. He mentioned Lichenstein. I just thought well, since Im in Europe, might as well go to the fashion capitals and snag myself something(s)! I'll definitely look up on the Tageskarte Gemeinde! Thanks!

Once again, thank you guys for taking time to help me with my predicament. I appreciate it!

Cant wait!

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Unfortunately I haven't shopped in either city, but I think Milan and Paris would be fairly similar. They are definitely fashion capitals, but I think Zurich will have many of the same shops. The franc was a little more favorable to the dollar when I did some major shopping in Zurich a few years ago - wish it were still the same! I'm sure your friend will have some great ideas for other daytrips! And if there are other things you are interested in in Milan, keep it on your schedule. If it's just shopping though I think Paris/Zurich will do.