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Need help with train passes

We have 4 days in Switzerland , leaving on 5th day back to airport. We are trying to decide the best train pass for our needs.
Day 1 train form Zurich airport to Zurich.
Day 2 train to Lucerne, staying here for 3 nights.
Day 3 and 4, Day trips- Interlocken and possibly Grindelwald
So we basically only need 4-5 rides. There are so many options. Does anyone have a recommendation for which would be the best way to purchase our tickets? Daily passes, 4 day pass. 1/2 pass?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Zurich Airport to Zurich HB is inexpensive. No need to buy a pass to cover that.

For the rest of the trip, I would approach it by researching what the tickets will
cost if you simply by them without any kind of pass. After that, you can weigh
the savings with a pass vs the cost of the pass itself.

Since you didn't mention dates, it's hard to say too much more, but Swiss fares
don't very quite as much in my view as other countries, so it should not be too
hard to get a decent guess as to the total cost.

Note that the sbb site often assumes you have a Half Fare card and you need to
make sure you check for that to get the correct fare.

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Thank you,
Travel date April 15-19.
When you mention the half pass are you suggesting we should get that? Or as you mentioned price out each ride?

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My guess, and it is a guess, is that the number of trips you have doesn't make it worth
purchasing a Half-Fare card. For one thing, it's good for a month, and costs ~$135.

And you would need 2.

So, you need to think you'll spend a decent amount more than $270 on train tickets
to make it worth the hassle of an extra purchase and having to use it every time you
buy a ticket.