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Need help going from Chamonix to Murren

I was using to inquire about how to get from Chamonix, France to Murren, Switzerland, and to get an estimate of the cost.

I plan to go back to the Lauterbrunnen Area after our "Alpine My Way" tour ends in Chamonix in September. I was happy with the details that rome2rio was giving me for the means of transportation, the legs in the itinerary, and the cost of each leg, until I read what it had to say about the last leg. Here are the details I got:
1. From Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Le Chatelard-Frontiere by French Railways, $6
2. From Le Chatelard-Frontiere to Martigny by Swiss Railways, $9
3. From Martigny to Brig by Swiss Railways, $27
4. From Brig to Murren by car (!), between $18 and $26.

Can someone who has experienced traveling from Chamonix to Murren please shed some light? Is there no train or cable car that transports people from Brig to Murren? I do not plan on renting a car, or taking a taxi for this last leg of my journey. Thank you for helping.

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jo_pie try it on the SBB website. A different route, but still several changes. The last stage (to Mürren) always involves at least one cable car. No autos allowed in Mürren anyway.

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It is so odd that Rome2Rio is routing by way of Brig! I think that is a a bug.

When I enter Chamonix to Lauterbrunnen the route makes more sence, no car segment.

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What ever routing site you are using, I would drop it and find a better one. Brig is on the wrong side of the Jungfrau and some of the other highest mountains in Switzerland. You want to be routed through Interlaken which is on a main line. I just looked up traveling from Brig to Lauterbrunnen (gateway to Murren) on Google maps and the do show frequent local trains that cover the trip in a bit over an hour-and-a-half.

The thought that your routing source indicated that you could hire a car that will take you on a 2-hour, 65 mile, trip for only $26 raises a question as to how much of the rest of their information is sheer phantasm.

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My husband & I are also going to Murren after the Alpine My Way Tour that ends Sept 25 th. If you use the sbb website it will give you the route : Chamonix-- Le Chatelard-- Martigny--Visp--Spiez--Interlaken--Lauterbrunnen--Murren. It takes approx 5 hours with about 6 changes. The first leg from Chamonix to Le Chatelard is by bus from sept 21 - Oct 9 due to construction on the rail line - not sure when you are going. I cannot bring up a fare on that website but if you use the Rick Steves map it looks like it will be approx $110 US. We are likely going to buy the Swiss Pass & this journey would be covered on that pass. Hope that helps.

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Thank you, everyone, for your help. I will look again, armed with information from you all. Our tour ends in Chamonix on Sept 18.