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My switzerland people i need your help again..

So you guys have helped me greatly have another question… I will be leaving lauterbrunnen on a friday to go to venice, italy I'm trying to a save a little bit of money by taking the train is it possible I'm sure it is but where would i leave from ? basel ? bern ? zurich? sucks if i have 2 travel back to zurich from lauterbrunnen but if i have to i must. How long would the trip take to get to venice ? Is there a night train ? I was gonna fly out of switzerland but its hitting my europe budget since I'm going 2 paris, lauterbrunnen, venice n rome.

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Look it up at Lauterbrunnen to Interlaken to Spiez to Milan to Venice. 7 to 8 hours.

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On that particular route, I'd be more concerned with the travel time and number of changes than with the cost. You may be able to save a few bucks by pre-purchase of the Italian portion of the trip. If you're using a Swiss card or whatever, that will save on the Switzerland portion of the trip. I would NOT suggest going to Zürich, Bern or elsewhere as that's in the wrong direction and will increase your travel times and costs.

I'd suggest using either of these departures......

  • Depart Interlaken Ost at 07:29, arrive Venezia Santa Lucia at 14:10 (time 6H:41M, 2 changes)
  • Depart Interlaken Ost at 08:00, arrive Venezia Santa Lucia at 14:40 (time 6H:40M, 2 changes)

With either of those, you would of course have to leave Lauterbrunnen in time to connect with the train leaving Interlaken. If I was making the trip, I'd probably use the 08:00 departure. One other advantage of that 08:00 route is the fact that the changes are in Spiez and Brig, which are smaller stations so very easy. The 07:29 departure changes are in Spiez and Milano Centrale and include a one hour layover in Milan which I wouldn't want.

I used an arbitrary date to check the routes, so there may be variations at the time you'll be travelling. You'll have to check the schedules for the actual date that you want to make that trip.

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thanks guys yea i looked it up yesterday and its exactly what you guys told me. Once again you guys come thru…

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The shortest route will usually also be the cheapest, so there's no need to look for a detour. Within Italy, slower trains can be a little cheaper than fast ones on the same route, but your time and convenience is also worth something.