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Mutthorn hut in mid June

I am wondering if anyone has experience or comments regarding hiking to the Mutthorn hut in mid June. This hut (at 2,900m) lies in the beautiful Kandersteg area, also accessible from Stechelberg (close to Lauterbrunnen). I am concerned that there might still be too much snow around June 15th and that the trails might still be closed. I am also looking at the Blüemlisalp Hut, or the Gspalternhorn Hut. I am also trying to figure out if it is nicer hiking from the Rotstockhut area towards the Mutthorn... or to sleep in Kantersteg and then hike up to the Mutthorn hut.... and then onwards direction Rotstock.. back down to Stechelberg. Any comments are most welcome!! Many thanks in advance!!

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It'll completely depend on this year's winter weather. The hut web site defines the season as "from mid-June to mid-September." According to their Facebook page ("Sac Mutthornhütte"), they opened on Saturday June 22th in 2019.