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Must see in Switzerland for month long trip

We will be visiting Switzerland in June for 4+ weeks and staying near Seon. What activities are must-sees? We love to be out doors and plan to hike and take in local culture. What other areas should we plan to stay a couple nights away from our base? thank you!

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There is nothing to do in Seon. Most of it is agricultural and most of the rest is forested. There is a small amount of industry and some houses there but it is rather a dud if you want to do anything or see anything. Not much local culture to take in unless you are a farmer.

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Balmos, I am not familiar with Seon and only lived in Lausanne for 3 years. On the more positive side, you'll be only a 42 minute train ride from Zürich which easily gives you access by train to most of Switzerland.....assuming money is no object but that you'd like to be budget-minded. If you will have a car, it will be easier although the trains in Switzerland are excellent. (
There is so much to see in Switzerland! The Rick Steves' Switzerland guide book covers a few areas but it's a excellent place to start--do you have a copy?

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I hadn't heard of Seon so I had to look it up. It is in the Swiss "Mittelland", the stretch of (relatively) flat land north of the Alps where most of the Swiss live and work. Population 4807.
It is a typical Swiss large village/small town outside the tourist areas, which would not be on any tourist board's list of major attractions. I can only assume you have a work reason to be there for 4 weeks.
As all such Swiss places, it will be pleasant, quite and a nice place to live.
It will have well-signposted hiking routes through the surrounding fields and woods, Click here for a zoom-able local map. Local shops will sell walking maps.

It has a railway station (as can be expected), with trains south to Luzern and north Lenzberg which give connections to Zürich. For day trips go south to Luzern, you will find plenty of posts on this site with things to to starting from Luzern.

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Just checking, you didn't mean Sion, did you ? As noted, Seon is in the more densely populated region of the country between Basel and Zürich, with the Alps nowhere in sight (might be in or near the lower Swiss Jura mountains, but I'm not sure). The only thing I know of interest to a tourist in the immediate area is the castle of Habsburg, notable as the ancestoral home of the powerful Hapsburg dynasty... but I'm hardly an expert in the canton of Argau, so I'm sure there's more.

Sion, by contrast, sits in the Rhone Valley, between the towering Pennine Alps and Berner Oberland. To put it mildly, there's probably better hiking options immediately available here!

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Seon is not as bad as it sounds. There is a lake (Hallwilersee) nearby where you can go swimming in summer or walk around it. In Hallwil there's a very nice castle which you could visit. Another nearby castle is found in Lenzburg, which is quite close to Seon and in 1h15 (by train) you're in Lucerne - a major tourist hub.