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Must do in Murren area

Trying to decide what we must do while in the area around Murren.
We should arrive Monday by 3pm in Murren. We will want to check in and drop off our luggage. Then we are free to explore.
Will have all day Tuesday. Then we plan to leave Murren for Basel about 3pm Wednesday.
We are active and ready to hike but I don’t want to be exhausted either. Hubby won’t parasail but I might get him in a zip line.
What should we not miss?

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I'd suggest you review the section in the RS GuideBook and watch the RS video of the area, to get the feel of a small Alpine village. Part of the experience is just being there, breathing the mountain air, wandering, appreciating the sunsets . There are all levels of hiking. The weather will determine your activities, and if you'll get to either the Schilthorn or the Jungfraujoch.
You may want to check your trip insurance under the Extreme Sports section; I was surprised to find that parasailing injuries were not covered under mine. I don't know of any zip lines in the area, or if your insurance covers you.
Safe travels.

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I've just put a very helpful short guide called Walking in Switzerland's Berner Oberland: Easy Hikes in the Jungfrau Region, by Laurel Barton, on my Kindle (wife and I are going in fall of 2022). You can get a hard copy, but I was impatient.

This describes two easy-but-spectacular hikes that begin from Murren, and several others (like the Panoramaweg, Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg) that are easy to get to from Murren. One of them, Almendhubel (funicular station above Murren) to Winteregg, is "best in the afternoon", as the mountains are lit up. We're arriving c. 3 PM also, and plan to do it. There is also the c. 20-minute walk to Gimmelwald, that little town that Rick loves (we will too, no doubt); you can do that on the way to a cable car down to Lauterbrunnen.

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We stayed in Muerren for a week two summers ago. With your schedule, and weather permitting, I'd do something like:

-- take a short hike out of Muerren on your arrival afternoon. Do some research and find one that suits your ability and activity level. The Almendhubel to Winteregg hike that Joel mentions is lovely and fairly easy; we did it in about 2 hours, I think, and we were pushing my son in a jogger.

-- on your full day (Tuesday), go across the valley and do a longer hike. Again, many options. Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg is spectacular, as is First to Bachalpsee. And there are other activities you can do from the First lift, like go-karts and zip lines (info here: )

-- on your last day, go up the Schilthorn in the morning for brunch at Piz Gloria and to wander around. Should take you 3 - 4 hours start to finish.

If you have leftover time on any of the days, Gimmelwald is a super easy walk down from Muerren, and if you don't feel like walking back up, you can take the gondola. Or take a walk through the valley from Lauterbrunnen; very flat and paved (we did this walk on the way back to Muerren from hiking; we stopped in Lauterbrunnen for dinner, walked to Stechelberg after dinner, then took the cable car from Stechelberg back up to Muerren).

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The weather will be your guide. Any morning when you wake up, and its sunny on top the Schilthorn, go up as soon as you can. Some of the hikes in the area, are easy. When I was there, there were trail maps all over town (and at the hotel) that indicate all the trails and degree of difficulty. Plenty of choices. I'd suggest a walk to the cheese-making shop. Gimmelwald is not as remote as RS makes it sound. Its just a short walk down a mostly paved path from Mürren. There's not much to do there, just a place to be and appreciate. Down in the valley, you can visit the Trummelbach Falls, in a walk from Lauterbrunnen (45 min?).

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FYI on the Almendhubel (funicular station above Murren). I have in my notes for my own June trip that it doesn’t open until June 10th.

There are some great You Tube videos on Murren, Wengen, and Lauterbrunnen. Watching a few might help you decide where you'd like to spend your time. My personal favorite was Mannlichen, over on the Wengen side.

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Explore Murren on Monday after your arrival. One suggestion for Tuesday if you like to hike is to walk the trail down to Gimmelwald - then take the cable car down to the valley and hike to Lauterbrunnen. After exploring Lauterbrunnen take the cable car up and hike back over to Murren. All are easy hikes.

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Excellent suggestions!! I will get the book and watch some videos. I agree that we don’t want to try to do everything cause we just can’t. Watching videos of stuff might help us narrow down what looks like things we would enjoy.
Definitely will check on our insurance.
As always, thank you all for your suggestions and help!!

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Perhaps your husband would like the Klettersteig/Via Ferrata—-mine certainly did. I could not do it (vertigo) but it is certainly well-built and secure, and the guides keep you safe. Sign up at the sport shop on the main pedestrian street—-I think it is the Intersport shop.

My favorite hike right from Muerren (we have been there 4 times now) is the North Face Trail that starts at the top of the Allmendhubel funicular. Great views, and signboards with the history of first ascents of the peaks you see across the valley. And part of it was fenced from cows, giving the wildflowers a chance to grow.

Here is a trail description with map and photos:

If you ride the funicular up and hike down, it would not be too tiring. You could even do it in the afternoon after your husband does the Via Ferrata. Or he could do the Via Ferrata on Wednesday before you depart.

I would not recommend crossing the valley over to Wengen just to hike the Maennlichen to Kleine Scheidegg trail. That is a long way to go for a short hike that is popular but crowded, and the views IMO are not as good as what you have from the North Face Trail above Muerren. But if you want to make a full day of it, then the route would be down to Lauterbrunnen and up to Wengen by train, ride the cablecar up to Mannlichen, summit the little Gipfel there, then walk to Kleine Scheidegg. Take the train from there down to Grindelwald, walk through the village to the First lift, and ride to the top. Walk to lovely Bachalpsee (lake) and back to the top of the First lift. Take a zip line if you like, or ride down on the gondola. From Grindelwald you can return to Lauterbrunnen by train via the valley route (change at Wilderswil) rather than going back over the Mannlichen ridge. It would be pretty expensive to do this without a Swiss Pass.

On Monday after your arrival, you could walk down to Gimmelwald to look around, then if so inclined you could walk partway to the Chilchbalm glacial basin, or to the Sprutz waterfall. Both are listed here under “half-day hikes” from Gimmelwald, but actually are shorter than that.

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Oh my!! Thank you so much for all the great info and links!! Love this forum! ❤️❤️❤️

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If, by chance, you encounter a rainy/foggy day where you cannot see the mountains, the Trummelbach Falls in Lauterbrennen are inside and excellent as an alternative. (We encountered this in September.)

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I agree with Lola that the North Face Trail is very scenic; with views of Mürren, as well as the Mönch, Eiger, and Jungfrau; and not too difficult. At the top of the Allmendhubel funicular, there is a short wildflower walking trail (before you begin the North Face). We have only been on the trail in September so the wildflowers have peaked. I would imagine many would be in bloom in June, when you are there, including the edelweiss.
Near the end of the trail, as you loop back to Mürren, is where the paraglider take-off. They'll go soaring right over the trail.

Lola: Thank you for including the link to the website of the "earthtrekkers." I love their descriptions of the different places they've been and the wonderful photos. The site is a good resource for so many places other than Switzerland.

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Actually, the Edelweiss does not bloom until later, like July or August, according to my German flower book. I for one have rarely seen one, and then only in a botanical garden when I happened to be there in July. But wht Cissy may see is my favorite, the Frühlings Enzian (Spring Gentian), which blooms in June. It is hard to miss, in that electric blue color.ühlings_Enzian_Gentiana_verna_07.JPG

It was on the North Face trail at the end of July, 2018, that I saw another Gentian, Gentiana Purpurea, for the first time. The deep mahogany-red color is unusual, and unmistakable. I think the cows must eat it, so I have never sen it in most alpine meadows where we have hiked. There are sections of the North Face trail that are fenced off from cows and gated (be sure to close the gate after you pass through) so that may account for their presence in this one spot.

A week later I saw hundreds of them in a meadow on the Tour du Mont Blanc. Our guide, knowing of my interest in wildflowers and botany, took our group on “un variance”—-a higher-than-normal diversion from the main TMB trail. It was an extra agent display of many wildflowers—-again, because the cows are excluded from this area. I believe this was on our way toward Courmayer, but I am not sure about that.

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How awesome is this forum?!?! I love that people not only answer but learn great stuff, too.
Thank you, thank you!!!