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Murten questions

Has anyone been to Murten? I know Rick recommends it highly but it is worth the extra effort? I have to be honest I was not overly impressed with Rothenburg. It was cute, but not worth an overnight. However, Murten sounds fun and it appears that is feasible to do an day trip to the Lauterbrunnen valley. I spend a lot of time in Colorado and Utah, so I do not want to devote too much of my time to the the high alps. Any advice is appreciated.

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I did enjoy it for a one-night stop along my route. Did you walk the wall in Rothenburg? Walking the Medieval wall in Murten is the main tourist activity there, too. Train ride from Lauterbrunnen is 2 hours each way, via Bern, so if you don't feel like staying long in Murten, you could see some of Bern on the way back.

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I went to Murten on my trip to Switzerland last week (end of April). We spent one night there (got to the hotel at 1:00am - long story) and spent the majority of the next day. We had breakfast and got on with our day, and ended up taking a 4:15pm ish train out of town. Even though it was pouring rain the whole day, Murten was still charming and still beautiful. I am glad we went. The flower arrangements and landscaping there are like none other (I know Switzerland overall does a good job with this), but Murten was particularly stunning. The old medieval town has the 'trapped in time' vibe that I search for when I'm on vacation anywhere. We did Rick's self guided walk which isn't so interesting itself, but take your time strolling down the streets you want to see, you won't be bored. I recommend detouring for a stop in Murten.

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We traveled to Murten last summer and spent three nights at the Adler. It was relaxing and a lot of fun. We happened to be there over the weekend and there was a concert which was fun to listen to (it was down at the lake - Bryan Adams and Scorpion played. It's the Stars of Sounds concert series throughout the summer). You can eaily picnic by the lake, and there is a grocery and several bakeries in town. Also, we took a day trip with Mary (see Rick’s guidebook). She was awesome and drove us around, made a picnic lunch, etc. She can take you out to see the Absinthe distilleries, Avenches, Mt. Vully, LaSauge, etc. We had a fabulous time.