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Mürren to Schilthorn ticket price question

Hi everyone,

We are staying in Mürren from June 30th-July 2nd and are hoping to go up to the Schilthorn one morning if the weather is clear. I wanted to ask if there was a cheaper rate for simply going from Mürren directly up to the Schilthorn? Also, if so, would the half-fare card discount also apply to that?

I went on the Schilthorn website but wasn't sure if I was reading the information right and didn't want to buy the wrong ticket. Would this be the ticket I'm looking for?

I figure some of you may have been in the same situation in the past, so perhaps someone can help.

Thanks in advance,

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Danny, the fare from Muerren to the Schilthorn is less expensive than the fare from Lauterbrunnen or Interlaken but it's still 77CHF round trip from Muerren if you are paying the full fare. With the 1/2 fare card, it's 38.50CHF round trip. I see an early morning fare of 57.80CHF. I'm curious to know if the 1/2 fare card applies here as well. Also note that no Swiss Pass or Card will cover you more than 50% of the base fare from Muerren to the Schilthorn as well as from Wengen to the Jungfraujoch. The 1/2 fare card works great but be advised that it does cost 130CHF.

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Thanks for the great seems like the early morning is the best time weather-wise to go up there, so the early-morning rate might be the best thing for us.

One more dumb question...each person in our group would have to buy the half-fare card in order to get discounts, correct? Or can we buy one card and have one person purchase all the tickets?

Thanks again for the help!

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Danny, nice try. Each person has to have their own 1/2 fare card. You sign it. At least we've had to sign ours. On ours, we have been asked to even show our passport so that the signatures could be double checked. The reason for that is that the 1/2 fare card is good for 30 days. Very easy to give away as you depart Switzerland. We are usually checked often but that's quite alright.

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As Larry mentioned, it's cheaper to go from Mürren to the Schilthorn than from other locations such as Stechelberg or Lauterbrunnen, simply because less distance is involved. The only price break you'll get is the 50% discount with one of the Swiss Passes, but they may not be the most cost effective option if that's the only expensive journey you plan to make. You'll have to sit down with a sharp pencil and a calculator and do some number crunching, taking into account all the journeys you want to make in that area. In addition to the half fare card or one of the regular Swiss Passes, you could also have a look at the Berner Oberland regional pass.

I spent considerable time and effort analyzing the various options prior to my last trip in that area, but eventually just took an "educated guess" at the best option. Unfortunately, Switzerland is expensive so travelling on their excellent transportation systems comes at a cost.

Whether using a Swiss Pass or whatever, you can easily buy tickets at the Cable Car terminal in Mürren on the day of travel. There's no reason to pre-purchase.

Happy travels!