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Murren - Schilthorn day trip recos

We have a full day starting from Murren to go to Schilthorn and back. Looking for recommendations for some fun easy/medium hikes/walks or other activities kids may enjoy (animals, cheese making etc) in this route.

This is what I gleaned from Rick's book

  1. At Schilthorn, the views are great but the only real easy hike is to walk along the ridge.
  2. Is there any other easy/medium hike to a view point from the top at Schilthorn?
  3. Is the easy ridge hike on the top well marked/easy to find?

  4. There seems to be no easy hike starting from any of the stops between Schilthorn and Murren. So, best bet is to come back to Murren & head to Allmendhubel (two good hikes from there are the North Face trail and the Mountain View trail to Grutschalp)

  5. Any faster way to get straight to Allmendhubel without going down to Murren first?

  6. How is the North face trail? Both in terms of views/experience and strenuousness? Rick's book says some parts are strenuous, Any parts that may be tough to navigate with a small kid in tow?

  7. How are the views/experience on the Mountain View trail to Grutschalp? I assume the trail as such is easy and I can even use a stroller?

Any other interesting things that can be piggybacked on while on the Murren - Schilthorn route?

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I would consider the hike between Murren and Gimmelwald an easy hike. In Gimmelwald there is a small playground, farm animals and you can buy cheese directly from a small producer.

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I've taken the North Face and similar trails around there.
Strenuous means sections here and there where you might go up a 30 degree slope for a couple hundred yards or so. Tiring for adults, but likely less so for kids.

If you want to see typical views on Grutschalp to Murren trail (fairly stroller friendly), and North Face, and others, click on my name and you'll find a link to our pics of these trails.

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@shoe your wordpress blog is a life saver! Bravo!

Hopefully, your words that "forecast is overcast skies does not always come true" holds true in our case. I am freaking out looking at weather report for the 3 days we will be there!

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We’ve done the Thrill Walk in Birg twice. Be aware that where you come out of tunnel there is a cliff with a steep drop. As the video shows, kids may be able to physically navigate the tunnel (there’s also a tightrope-type activity), but you’ll need to keep a close eye on them! Have fun!