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Murren -- Hotel Jungfrau

Hi everyone,
I have the opportunity to book a room for my husband and me for 3 nights at the Hotel Jungfrau in Murren. The price is CHF 764 for 3 nights 2 adults and includes the following:
* 2 bag lunches for hiking
* half board with a 4 course meal and choice of main dish all nights
* Large breakfast buffet
* Luggage transport to and from hotel from train
* WIfi
*Visitor card for the indoor pool and rec area
Also we can cancel up to 4 days before arrival at no charge and after that 80% of total price refunded. this could be convenient if there is a lot of rain in the forecast.

Anyone stayed there and ate there?? Thoughts on hotel and food? It looks to be a nice hotel and I think it is a somewhat fair price but I am a little concerned about locking in where we will eat dinner for all 3 nights since it limits variety. Also my husband really enjoys eating venison and other game and I think another restaurant is supposed to have those as their specialty so we would miss out on that. (haha if this is a really good place to stay and the dinner is worth the half board I just wont tell him). Breakfast is also included in the price and I'm wondering if that was also a good meal? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Travel ON!!!!

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Have stayed there and would not hesitate to do so again. Excellent views of the mountains. The food at every meal was outstanding and they had also a variety of wild game on the menu. Easy to have three dinners there and not repeat the menu. Breakfast was also quite good. All things considered it seems to be a pretty good deal.

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I enjoyed it very much; one of the photos across the valley is the wallpaper for one of my computers. Yum. Nice folks.

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Very nice place. Can you book it without the dinner meal package? Breakfast is fine, but I wouldn't want to be committed to being back at the hotel for dinner every night.

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I don't know this hotel, but I had dinner at various places in Mürren; one was good and two were delicious (actually worth the high Swiss prices!). I enjoyed trying new places in town each night.

So, I agree with the post above; can you get the package without dinner?

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I haven't stayed there, but have eaten there, and it was very good. Seems like a great price to me considering it includes the half board and lunches. I would find out what the hours for dinner are, as my concern along with the previous poster is being back to Murren in time for dinner. Probably not a problem, but I would check.

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We stayed at this hotel and absolutely loved it!!! Great service, beautiful view, and nice breakfasts.

We ate the half-board dinner there one night. Mine was great. My sister's (the vegetarian option) was horrible. I would ask for the rate that does not include dinner. Ours did not and we just added it for one of our nights.

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There are many nice places in Murren. Hotel Jungfrau is located on the high road at the top of Murren. I've not stayed there but have dined there and we were totally NOT impressed with the food. It was mediocre at best and high priced just like the "Great" restaurants that can be found around Murren.

Any hotel you book will give you the Visitor Card for entrance into the pool at the sports center.

I wouldn't want to be locked in for dinner every night. I did that once in Murren at a different hotel and afterwards wished that we had not done the Half Board and kept our evenings free and open to do whatever we wanted to do.

I would personally rather have a hotel located on the main street that connects the train station to the gondola station on the other side of the village. Look at Hotel Alpina, Hotel Eiger, Hotel Bellvue, Hotel Blumenthal and Hotel Alpenruh.

Actually I always love staying with Denise in the Chalet Fontana or in her private apartment Geistiliboden.

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Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your responses. I hadnt actually thought about not being in a Murren at dinner time but of course that could happen!!! So glad I posted here. Yes, I can book the room for CHF 180/night and I have feelers out for other hotels as well! Thank you again. All of your responses were extremely helpful!! I'm so excited!!!I haven't been to Switzerland since I backpacked my way through Europe in 1984 and I was only in Luzern that time!!!

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Mary, I think you couldn't go wrong booking this hotel without the meal plan. The location is great. It is a very short walk from the train station and I liked the location. It is worth it to splurge for a balcony room. You will not regret it.

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But there's more to a meal than being priced conveniently...

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Glad to hear good things about this place since I will be staying there mid-June! :)

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The Jungfrau is a lovely hotel with lovely views. I would ask for a front room overlooking the Eiger. I found their breakfasts and a dinner (Swiss Fondues with a Rick Steves tour) to be lovely.
However, the Bellevue has absolutely fabulous views from their further back dining room and the deck overlooking the mountains. There IS NOT a more beautiful view in the world.
I also have fond memories of the decor of the Bellevue and using their "open to the public" laundry on the lowest level.
Have a great trip!
Pam from Bath

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The Bellevue also has the best food of all we have enjoyed in Mürren.