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Murren Hotel

For those of you who have visited Murren, I'd like your opinion on a hotel. We're going to be in Murren for 6 nights, so we want to make a good choice. Our options are Hotel Alpenruh, Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Alpina and Hotel Edelweiss. Most important factor is best view. We will be getting a balcony room at whichever place we stay. A good breakfast is also an important factor. Charm, comfort, service are obviously the other factors. I don't think we can make a bad decision, but I'd love to hear from you!

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Hotel Alpenruh has some balcony rooms that are low and face a bank of trees. Do ask for a higher up room if you choose that hotel. All of those hotels are nice. I do know the Alpina rooms are quite small and a bit dated...

Is Hotel Eiger a possibility?

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Good to know, thanks! Hotel Eiger isn't going to be open the entirety of our stay, so isn't an option.

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Room #19 at the Hotel Alpenblick in Murren had a spectacular balcony and view. Great hotel. Honestly though, most hotels in Murren are going to have a decent view. Certainly there will be some rooms in any given hotel that don’t have a view but just the way that the town is plopped right in the middle of the mountains lends itself to great views from most any angle.

Eta: post updated to include hotel URL.

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Another vote for Hotel Alpenblick. We stayed there last year, and were very satisfied with it. It is also an easy walk from the train station.

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We have enjoyed Hotel Bellevue on several trips to Murren.
The view from the room is spectacular. The south facing patio with a glass of your favorite is not to be missed even if you don't stay there. The owners and staff are friendly and first class.

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Another Hotel Bellevue fan here, although we have not yet stayed there because we book apartments.

I find the views from the far end of town much more spectacular than views near the train station. Last year we had an apartment for a week right near Hotel Bellevue, on the same level, andI loved the location. The evening Alpenglow on the snowy peaks opposite, across the valley, was especially nice. I don’t think you can see that from the train station area, not as a direct, in-your-face view anyway.

So I would recommend Hotel Bellevue. While we have not stayed there ( we rent apartments in Mûrren), we dine there as our first choice when we want to go out. The food is so good I would consider the half-board option if we ever do stay there.

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Are you considering going up the Schilthorn for breakfast at any point in your journey? If so, Hotel Alpenruh is owned by the same company and you can opt to have your breakfast there instead of at the hotel. You just pay the cost of the cable car.

I've stayed in both the Hotel Alpenruh and the Hotel Jungfrau. I enjoyed them both.

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Hotel Alpina and Hotel Edelweiss are both perched right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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best view has to be Hotel Alpina.

We were lucky enough to visit twice, once in 2015 and again in 2017.

Breathtaking views right across and right down the valley. Amazing. And across the valley into sheer mountain face. Take a look at the photos. I don't think there is a better view in Murren. And the price is fair for the location

We are going back next summer for two night and staying there again.

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We enjoyed Hotel Regina in an economical bath-down-the-hall room and fantastic views from the breakfast room.