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Murren at the end of April?

Hi! Rick mentioned that many hotels & restaurants are closed in Murren at the end of April / beginning of May, which is exactly when we'll be there. Wondering if it's worth it to stay at that time of year? Or should we take a day trip from Lucerne? Or skip it altogether and head elsewhere?

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Too much snow to walk much, too much mud to ski. Probably. But nobody knows for sure - weather can be very unpredictable these days.

Once the snow is melted the farmers need to prepare the fields for the cattle when they go up. The fertiliser method is to take the manure stored up while the cattle have been in the lowland barns, mix it with a lot of water and pump it at pressure as a spray onto the fields. It comes with its own perfume, but you will know it means that summer is on its way and will eventually arrive.

The mountains will be there and they will be beautiful. Depending on the snow melt the waterfalls may or may not be flowing substantially.

April is not a prime season in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.