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Murren and Wengen, Switzerland Hotels

Looking for recommendations on accommodations in either Mürren or Wengen, Switzerland for 4 nights in late Sept. Just me, a solo traveler and don’t need much other than clean accommodations and beautiful view of the mountains. I immensely enjoy local food and drinks. Walking and hiking top on my list.

I've stayed in Gimmelwald twice - what a treat that was even though it's that tiny area of the region. This trip looking for area with good food options along with easy access to hikes and walks.

Next post will be on how to get down from the mountains to airport and back home flying into to JFK, IAD, or EWR.

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As far as accommodations, I would start with for a single room. Also look at the Wengen Tourist site. Zoom in on the map to Wengen and it will show Wengen locations. Keep an eye out for anything that says "Ferienwohnung". These are usually rooms in houses with only small rooms to rent. Do the same for Muerren. These smaller places generally do not list with big outfits like

As far getting back, at least for Wengen, the first train out is 5 am and can get you to Zurich airport by 8:44 am, so anything after 11:55 am should be good. I only see 2 direct flights back to NYC before that time, at 10:00 am to JFK, and 10:10 am to EWR. Everything else is after that, so avoid those 2 flights and you should be OK.

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Actually the German word Ferienwohnung means “vacation apartment ( or home)” literally. That will be a regular apartment or chalet with a kitchen, nice if a person wants to cook for themselves.

A single bedroom in a family home that is rented out to tourists is a “Zimmer Frei”, meaning “room free” and it may have a shared bathroom or private one. I think these are more common in small towns in Germany than in resort towns in Switzerland.

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Thank you all for your responses which I very much appreciate.

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For Mürren, you might look at Chalet Fontana for a good budget option. This has been one of Rick’s recommendations for at least 20 years. We stayed there on 3 separate trips some years ago, before migrating to large apartments with family members. It is a B and B with shared bathroom, and no Mountain View’s from the rooms, but walk outside and wow! A nice breakfast with the other guests is included.

Some of the rooms are rented through Air BnB and according to their calendar, Room #1 is available in late September. That is the room I stayed in our first time there, before we started taking the ground floor apartment.

For Wengen, I was going to suggest hotel Bären, which is about 4 levels up in terms of amenities and views. When we last stayed with them, their in-house restaurant was regarded as the best in Wengen, and half-board there was (and still is) a bargain. We would see Therese, the hostess, heading out after breakfast each day to buy produce, eggs, cheese and butter from the local farms to serve at breakfast and dinner. That local fresh butter was so good—- so much better than anything one can buy in packages at the store. And they grow herbs and some salad greens in their own garden by the chalet.

But they do not offer single rooms on the internet booking. You might contact them and ask, as things are more flexible in late September. If not, you could at least enjoy dinner there while staying elsewhere.

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For those of you that have suggested the Hotel Edelweiss in Wengen or Murren, what are your preferred rooms? I'm looking at their rooms and even though I'm solo traveler, I might jump up to double room....not keen about their Bunk Bed Room with balcony and Single room doesn't have balcony.

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Our room at the Edelweiss in Wengen was a double with a small balcony. Very comfortable bed, immaculately clean and a view of the Jungfrau. There was a roomy closet with shelves for storage, a small desk and chair. No A/C, but it was not needed; the bathroom is small, but more than adequate. Daniel and his staff are extremely helpful, warm and welcoming. One evening he hosted a complimentary wine & cheese reception for the guests. The dining area is big, bright, and breakfast was great with plenty of options. Every evening they offer a 4 course delicious dinner option for 35 CHF. We found that to be a very reasonable option as compared to other restaurants in Switzerland. You do not have to book your room reservation as half-board. If you decide that you want to enjoy dinner there, you can just inform them during breakfast. We loved everything about our stay there; highly recommend!