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Municipal day pass / tageskarte gemeine?

Hi, all,

Can anyone explain to me the "tageskarte gemeine" that is 40 CHF / day?" I see that they are made available to only to Swiss residents but also that they do not have a rider name on them. Is there any reason a resident can't give them to a visiting friend?

Thanks, Li

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They are a special offer, bought in bulk by Gemeinde (municipalities) and sold on to residents. Not all Gemeinde (or commune in French-speaking Switzerland) does this, and there is a fixed number available per day
I see no reason why they could not be passed on, they are anonymous. You would have to know a resident of the Gemeinde (or commune in French-speaking Switzerland) who has to buy it ahead of time.

An alternative is the advance-purchase "Saver Day Pass", available to all: