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Mt Pliatus/Mt Titilis - Snow July 1-2?

Hi again,

Please excuse what is certainly a frequently asked question...

I'm wondering if anyone call tell me if i should expect snow at the top of the mountains? The rest of the trip we will not be in snow and we don't want to bring the necessary (heavy) shoes and coats if we will only need them for a few hours - or won't need them at all.

Thanks all!!


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we were at the top of mt titlis on mid june 2014 and we spent an absolutely glorious day walking around in the snow wearing only a t shirt, it was so warm and no wind. my daughter was at mt rigi a few weeks ago and it was snowing. we visit the alps when we tour. but take a few layers and a weather proof outer. a pair of thin gloves are always handy to carry. if the weather is terrible, its probably not worth going up the mountain any way. keeping the wind out is the most important.
you will be at over 3000m looking in ice caves and galciers etc, so expect snow.
Most of these alps have a area outside the building ( at the end of the train/gondola etc) where you can walk around ( perhaps with a small amount of snow on the ground) without you having to venture out onto the main snow area. so if you don't want to carry 'heavy' shoes then normal shoes should do.

hope this helps.

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The top of Titlis is above the permanent snow line. There is a glacier up there you can go in and over. There is always snow up there, that is it's attraction, and you can ski in summer.
Pilatus is much lower (2,128 metres versus 3000 for Titlis) and is clear of snow in Summer.
I would take a jumper or something similar you can put on on the way up, and take off on the way down.

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Very helpful answers, thank you both!

So, we could ski if we wanted to?!?!