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Most Scenic Interlaken to Milan

Hello - Can anyone tell me the most scenic route from Gimmelwald actually to Milan on to Cinque Terre. I see the route is 8-9 hours and I hope to find the most scenic route. Thank you.

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Due to the travel time involved, I'd suggest looking for the quickest route rather than the most scenic. I've travelled that route several times, and it always seems scenic to me regardless of which route is used. The quickest trip will be about seven hours from Interlaken Ost to Monterosso, using a departure at 08:00. You'll have to add to that the time from Gimmelwald to Interlaken Ost, via Lauterbrunnen.

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The scenery won't matter if it's cloudy on your travel day. I echo the above poster, if you're passing through the Alps, the scenery will be stunning no matter which route you take. Just go for the quickest.

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Specify via Kandersteg on your itinerary and you will be routed over the high Loetschberg Tunnel route. That adds about a half hour to the journey time. Otherwise you will be routed through the Loetschberg Base Tunnel, which is certainly faster. Hope its a nice day.

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I would take the ViaMichelin or Google maps quick route, the scenery will still be outstanding and the drive will be much easier. A few years ago I took the more scenic route from Lake Como to Lauterbrunnen and found it to be only a bit more scenic but a whole lot more tedious to drive and especially for the driver there is little if any benefit. Remember there are very few guard rails and/or shoulders on many of the narrrrrrow two tracks. Too bad you are going from north to south ... making the run northbound on the E35 coming up from Italy, there is one spot as you are getting into the alps where the view is simply awesome.