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Montreux-> Montbovon -> Gstaad -> Interlaken ->Lauterbrunnen


I am trying to form a day Itinerary From Montreux to Lauterbrunnen. I am trying my best to do a lot of research myself but looks like i need help from expert travellers.

On 28th Sept, we (me & wife, 23 months kid) will be checking out Hotel in Montreux like 8 AM.

Store luggage at Montreux station.

Take a boat/taxi/bus to Chillon castle.

walk back to Montreux at the lakeside.

Take luggage back and take GoldenPass Train to Montbovon.

Get off take regional trains to Gruyers to do Cheese/Choc Factory/Gruyers Castle (As time permits).

Come back to Montbovon from Gruyers by regional trains.

Take GoldenPass again from Montbovon to Gstaad. Stop over for 1 hour. ( I can skip this if it doesn't suit that day).

Take GoldenPass back again from Gstaad to Interlaken.

Take regional train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen for my next 3 nights base.

Please help me figure out if:

Q1. I know Montreux has luggage storage. But i don't know if i can take stroller for my kid to Chillon castle and is it allowed inside the castle ? If not, can i leave it outside ?

Q2. Whether there is a luggage storage at Montbovon station for 2 hours or so?

Q3. I need a concrete GoldenPass Line timings to plan my exit/entry into the train. The SBB site doesn't tell if it's GoldenPass timings and it's a little confusing. Please help me decide this line timings/schedule.

If any corrections or modifying itinerary is needed, i wouldn't hesitate to take the feedback.

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Neither Montbovon or Gruyeres have luggage lockers, but I understand that you can leave luggage at the tourist office in Gruyeres. If you take the 11:44 train from Montreux, that one has panorama cars (Golden Pass) after a change at Montbovon, you will get to Gruyeres at 13:05. To catch the other Golden pass train at Montbovon, you will have to leave on the 15:59 train, so that gives you less than 3 hours in Gruyeres.

When you look at the on-line schedules at, click on each schedule listing. If it says "MOB PANORAMIC" then it is one of the Golden Pass trains.

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You must have a very cooperative 2 year old. Congratulations.

Is there a specific reason you need all your connections on the tourist Golden Pass train rather than the normal hourly train (same stops, same views, no fancy name on the outside)? The most impressive view on that train is the descent into Montreux. You will be going the other way.

Since you are at the station in Montreux to leave your luggage in lockers, why don't you take the short train ride to Chateau de Chillon rather than your proposed boat/taxi/bus?

Do you really think that you can change trains in Montbovon, reach the cheese exhibition, watch the cheese making for an hour or so, go on to the chocolate factory, watch the chocolate procedure (very tasty, very much fun when I did it, and the souvenirs were eaten for quite some time after - I bought lots) for an hour or so and return to the train -- oops I forgot you want the castle too -- and back to Montbovon in 2 hours? With a two year old?

What do you want to do in Gstaad?

What time do you need to be at your lodgings in Lauterbrunnen?

That's a busy day for me, and I have no 2 year old.

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Thanks Sam !

I shall go to Montbovon from Montreux in a regular train then and take a Goldenpass from Montbovon at 15:59.

I am on this site: , how do i search for MOB trains timetable ? It ask me to enter from / To destinations and give me list of trains, but the list doesn't say if it's a MOB train.

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Thanks Nigel !

Yes she has been cooperative until now :)
The reason for taking Goldenpass is it because i wanted to do atleast 1 Scenic Train Journey. No other reason.
I am travelling/ touring from West to east of Switzerland so i have to leave Montreux to Interlaken.

Yes, i thought of taking train from Montreux to Chillon castle. I don't mind whatever is cheapest/easiest way to go there.

So if i reach by a regular train to Montbovon and do the visits there, i think i should be able to make it to 15:59 Goldenpass train.

Can somebody 100% confirm me that i can leave luggage at Gruyeres Tourist office ? If not i don't have an option but to skip these visits :(

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You cannot search specifically for Golden Pass trains at, but when you click on each individual train listing, the ones that show up as "MOB PANORAMIC" indicate they have panorama cars. At least from Montreux, they also have the red "IR" symbol on the list.

This site will show the official Golden Pass schedule of trains. 3 a day.

Others have emailed the Gruyeres Tourist Office directly to confirm luggage hold. I did this at Triberg, Germany once.

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Thanks Sam ! That helped.

I was able to find Montreux to Zweisimmen MOB train but From Zweisimmen to Interlaken it doesn't show that it has a Panaromic train ?
Does this mean, i will be taking a regular train to Interlaken from Zweisimmen?

I did sent an email to Gruyers office for Luggage storage. i will update this thread if i hear from them.


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The train from Zweisimmen to Interlaken Ost is on standard gauge and not operated by the MOB (Montreux Oberland Bahn). The MOB is a meter gauge railroad, so their trains will not run on standard gauge tracks. As such, there are no panorama cars on that section.

Interesting that this year, the MOB will be begin converting some of their trains to dual-gauge bogies so they can travel all the way to Interlaken without changing trains at Zweisimmen. But after the conversion, there will be an extensive test period to ensure their safety, so it will be a while.

The Golden Pass operates over 3 separate companies, MOB from Montreux to Zweisimmen, SBB from Zweisimmen to Interlaken Ost, and Zentralbahn from Interlaken Ost to Luzern.

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Thanks Sam. That was good Information.
No doubt why International Tourist are so confused for this beautiful country !

Then i might just do Golden pass from Montreux to Zwe .. , then take regular train may be. Or Skip all together Golden pass and take Bernina Express on the last day of my Switzerland trip.

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SBB from Zweisimmen to Interlaken Ost

Actually while it looks like SBB I think you will find that it is actually BLS under the bonnet/hood (and in the aisles).