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Montreax before Zermatt or vice versa for final week of trip? Flying out of Zurich

Assuming it all stays open (fingers crossed) my wife and I are booked to fly to Zurich in two weeks, transiting through US airports both ways for the longhaul portion of the trip in and out of Zurich, which we deliberately booked to avoid any changing rules for transit in European airports (we found Heathrow to be utterly confusing right now as to what is required to transit). Anyhow, after some time in Luzern, then 6 days basing in Murren for tromping around the Lauterbrunnen, we thought we'd go to Montreaux area for a couple of lakeside days, then 3 in Zermatt, then back to Zurich the day before we fly out. Mountains, lakeside town, mountains again, then to Zurich for flight home is sort of what we are thinking. Anyone see any reason to reverse that other than the shorter train ride from Montreaux back to Zurich? Rick's book suggests three days in Zermatt to account for weather, so that's also a reason for 3 in Zermatt. We've never been so "unplanned" for an international trip in two weeks. It's kind of exciting, but a little scary too. Thank you.

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I would head from Zurich to Zermatt, then Montreaux, then Murren, then to Luzern and onto Zurich. The trip from Zurich to Zermatt is 4 hours. Then you are working your way back to your departing point of Zurich. It is all basically the same, but my preference is to always to be traveling toward my departure point. Just my preference. You could also enjoy from Montreaux to Murren (via Interlaken), the Golden Pass Scenic Train or Chocolate Train (which you can do both ways as well). Enjoy whatever your decision.

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It will be easier to get from Montreux to Zurich instead of Zermatt to Zurich. I would go to Zermatt first.

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Zermatt to Zurich (Hauptbahnhof) is 3 hours 21 minutes, with a single change at Visp, for many of the journeys. Not that different from Montreux, which offers single-change journeys to Zurich at 2 hours 40 minutes. Slightly faster, but both can be done with a single train change on the way. And in both cases you can get all the way to the airport without changing trains again, if you like.

So I say take your pick. I would put Montreux in the middle and Zermatt last, before Zurich just for the variety.

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for much the same reasons as Lola I'd have Zermatt just before flying out so the memories of the mountain are uppermost on the flight.

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Solo Steve, great that you're winging it. If something happens, the less disappointment? However, you have taken a lot of advice into consideration, and IMHO, the percentages are in your favor. I quit doing my normal diligent research for our Swiss trip, to lessen the disappointment if forces out of our control would squash our plans. If our trip goes on as planned, I'll report back right away to encourage our fellow RS treckers .
Safe travels!

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Thank you to everyone for the great advice! I don't think we could go wrong either way. Maybe we'll flip a coin? Here's to hoping this pandemic winds itself down and burns itself out sooner rather than later so we can all get back to safe, healthy, and immersive travels without having to worry about contingencies, closures, quarantines, etc. Cheers!