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Milan to Geneva with 3 1/2 days in Switzerland recommendations

We are leaving Milan mid morning then will be in Switzerland for 3 1/2 days then leaving from Geneva to go to Paris by train. Reconditions on how to get the most out of our 3 1/2 days. Reconditions on lodging for late 60 year olds trying to travel on a budget.

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Have you decided where you will spend those three nights? Staying in zGeneva, or just leaving from there, so possibly one night?

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Many will recommend the Berner Oberland region of Switzerland. You could stay in Lauterbrunnen valley, or up in the mountains in Murren or Wengen. You can take a train from Lauterbrunnen to Paris in just over 6 hours, with two connections. No need to go to Geneva, unless you really want to be there for a night.

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We had a similar itinerary this summer.

Train from Milan to Birg to Interlaken to Murren - where we stayed at Hotel Edelweiss for 3 nights. Then took the train via Basel to Paris, from where we flew back to DC

Depending on time of year and ur interests, Backpackers Villa in Interlaken is centrally located ( clean, fun, has cheap private rooms with showers) - we have stayed here in 2004 -

Assuming this is summer season - 1 day murren and shilthorn, 1 day lauterbrunnen valley and lakes near by and 1 day towards Eiger ( eiger trail is a easy trail with great views)

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Thank you for the replies

Mid July for the trip

I was thinking Interlaken for a base

Geneva is not required. If we can catch a train to Paris in other places

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Don't stay in Interlaken. Do as suggested above. Either stay up in the Lauterbrunnen area, or maybe Thun or somewhere and day trip to other areas. Interlaken is basically a tourist trap with not a lot to offer.

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We traveled to Switzerland for about 25 years as a family (husband is Swiss) and always stayed in Interlaken. It is a good choice as a base if you want to see and do a variety of things. It is a popular tourist destination, but so is the Jungfrau region, you won’t get away from tourists by staying in the Lauterbrunnen valley.

One of the tricks to Interlaken (as with any tourist hot spot) is to stay off of the main street - walk a block or two over, or along the Aare river and you have only a fraction of the crowds.

Choose a base that works best for the things you want to do, but don’t be afraid of Interlaken just because it is popular - there is a reason that so many people go there. The Swiss Hotel School in Lausanne lists it as one of the top places in Switzerland to visit.

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I do agree Interlaken has become a tourist trap.

The only reason for Interlaken as a base was that the OP requested budget options - and Interlaken has them. And as one of the previous poster said, get off the main road and crowds disappear.

But if $$ is not a big concern Murren or Lauterbrunnen would be my preference.

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I think the main takeaway for OP is:

1) Base somewhere in Interlaken/Lauterbrunnen/Murren

2) no need to go to Geneva. From Interlaken u can be in Paris in ~ 6 hrs by train

Amazing community here

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One last fyi . From Interlaken, we reached Paris at ~3pm. We took a cab from the train station directly to Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel.

Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre
+33 1 49 19 70 70

The hotel is in the airport - so made it really easy to catch the flight next day at 11am.

Safe travels!

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Well, what about the Courmayer area for a day and then a day or two in Chamonix before heading to Geneva.