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Menaggio Day Trip

Seems like a popular topic, day trips from Lake Como to Switzerland. We will have a car and staying in Menaggio so seems the most obvious is to go to St. Moritz via Pontresina, Soglio, Samedan perhaps. Lugano seems a waste of time being so similar to Lake Como and cant imagine its nicer. So how far can we go Northwesterly or Westerly? Zermatt is too far of course, more than 4 hours drive. But how about Lucerne? Interlaken? Is there anywhere worth driving an extra hour more than it is to St. Moritz? I want to be confident we didnt miss an opportunity.


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Yes, lakes have a similar ambience so probably there is little scope in a trip to Lugano or Locarno.
St. Moritz is close as the bird flies but rather slow driving so probably going to St. Moritz and coming back would be the first choice. Actually I do not like St. Moritz very much but the trip has interesting landscapes.

Another choice could be Chur - again, I do not know how attractive you would find it. There are two itineraries, through the Splügen pass with high mountain landscapes and rather strenous driving (closed for snow in winter), and through the Swiss motorway on the San Bernardino tunnel, easier drive and open all year round.

Lucerne? it is quite distant. The main problem is that you do not know if there will be queues at St. Gotthard tunnel. It should be three hours driving in each direction - so already a long day trip - but if there is any queue it gets too long.

Remember that if you are driving on Swiss motorways you will need a Swiss motorway sticker.