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Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg open?

Hello, all.
Having an amazing time in Switzerland! We are staying in Wengen and would love to do the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg hiking trail, but have heard it is closed.
Can someone tell me whether that is the case.
It seems like the cable car to Mannlichen is running, but does that mean we can take the trail?
If so, is it easy to take a train back to Wengen?
We have the STP.


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Sorry, but you are there on the ground, so you have the best current information. Ask around from someone who knows.

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Hi Brent—Sorry, the trail is still closed. It typically opens in mid June. You can keep checking the status here to see if might open early.:

The cable car is running and I think it would still be worth going up there to walk around. Just show them your Pass at the cable car station and they will give you a discount on the ticket price for the ride. You also have the option of the Grindelwald cable car to or from Mannlichen. So, you could take the cable car up from Wengen and then down to Grindelwald. Just be sure to tell the ticket counter your plan so they can issue you the correct discounted ticket.

I just checked the live camera for someone the other day and there is still some snow up there:

But still fabulous views!!

Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time.

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The Männlichen Cable Car is running. I know a few people working there and they have been telling me how much work they had clearing snow...
The walk to the top (the "crown") is open, and is well worth it for the views.
You can also walk up from Wengen (But that is for fit people), and down to Holenstein, and then across to Brandegg. From all these places it is easy to travel back to Wengen (or down to Grindelwald)

The Panorama rarely never opens before mid June. Whole parts of it have to be literally rebuild every year. There is one part of the hillside that regularly slides down several meters every winter, and if you know where to look you can see where the previous year's paths are...

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Thank you all. I think we will still take the cable car up and look around a bit. Trying to decide whether to go to Grindlewald or just enjoy Wengen.

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If you have a Berner Oberland of Jungfrau Pass you can “joyride.” Take the train to Eigergletscher, ride the cable car to Grindelwald Terminal, then the cable car up to Männlichen and the other one down to Wengen. Maybe have lunch at Männlichen. Beautiful views!

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Sorry, I just saw you have an STP. The “joyride” would be worth a day’s use but I am not sure if there is a sur-charge for any of the route. Might be to Eigergletscher?

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STP covers public transit but not tourist transport. So on the WAB it is valid till Wengen (as for us locals this is how we get around), but not beyond. On the other side of the mountain it is valid till Grindelwald.
If you really want to "joyride" on the cable cars and mountrain trains here you need the Jungfrau or Berner Oberland pass. I myself have a summer pass, that gives me unlimited access to the different transports here, and. I sometimes do just that. Have a beer on the Männlichen, lunch at Grindelwaldblick, a coffee at Wengeralp etc...

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Mannlichen - Wengen cable car was closed last week. If memory serves, I think it reopens in mid-June.

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Even if the hike is closed, the view of the North Face in Mannlichen is awesome.