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Luggage logistics - Fast Baggage Service

I have read about the Fly Rail service from the US to Switzerland and also the Fast Baggage service within Switzerland. I thought it might be useful to arrange for a suitcase to be shipped to our second destination within Switzerland. We'd operate out of backpacks during the intervening days while the suitcase waits in storage for us at the next stop. I'm interested in hearing people's thoughts on this plan - is it crazy to trust our property with the left luggage people for several days and is the Fast Baggage service reliable?

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Will be interesting to see what responses you get. For the most part, the majority of travelers here get by with one carryon size bag.

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It's a reliable service. but you can save money buy using the "regular" baggage service which get you bag to its destination within two days since it sounds like your not in a rush. Fast Baggage is a premium same day service if you drop your bag off early in the morning.
For all your options head here:

For an additional fee you can also have your bags delivered direct to your hotel/aprtment/time share.

For the Fly Rail Service best to purchase the tags from Rail Europe:

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Yes, it's a nice feature, and we use the next day service every year going from Murren to Zurich. The bags are always there safe and sound and waiting on us.

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Thanks for the helpful feedback. The Swiss rail service seems to be an extraordinarily civilized option for those of us traveling with more than a back pack. Even traveling with an additional small rolling bag is more difficult when changing trains, so anything we can do to lighten the load in transit and thereby free us up to make random stops and detours along the way is welcome. We will try the regular non-expedited service!