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Lugano: Should we avoid it during Swiss Harley Days?

I was planning on starting a two week trip in Switzerland and Germany with a stop in Lugano as a home base July 4-8 for a little Mediterranean "fix" before heading into the Alps. I've always wanted to visit the Lakes area and this seemed like a good opportunity to tack it onto our itinerary.

However, I just learned that Swiss Harley Days will be in Lugano 2 of the 4 days we were planning to be in the area. Does anyone know if the crowds and noise overtake the area and ruin the ambience one would typically expect? Would we be better off over on Lake Como, or should we avoid the area altogether and pick a different destination like Luzern? (Nothing against Harley riders, we're just looking for a more relaxing time for me, my husband, our four year old, and my senior parents.) The rest of our itinerary includes Appenzell, Liechtenstein, the Romantic Road and Rhine areas in Germany. For this trip, we're staying low key and avoiding big cities.

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I have two middle aged Harley fans living in the apartment over my head, they are very quiet persons with only this peculiar passion. They talk me about their meetings, they are willing to drive very long distances in order to attend them, but they do not look really unruly.

As for Lugano, it is a very quiet and uncrowded place. I do not think much noise would be allowed as Swiss residents are very vocal about defending their quietness. You may be reprimanded by the police if you disturb your neighbours, even by flushing the toilet at night too frequently. So I would guess there should not be noise and crowd problems in Lugano - but frankly who really could know the answer to your question?

[Coming back to add: I read that there will be some points selling Harley souvenirs in Piazza Manzoni and along the lake; on Saturday, July 4th at 5pm there will be a parade with 2000 motorcycles that will probably be the most crowded and noisy moment. ]