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Lugano and Bellinzona for the Day

Hi all.

I am wondering if something like this is doable.

Early train Milan-Lugano (arrive around 9 am).
Magic Circuit Boat Trip (Takes 3 hours).
Quick lunch
Train to Bellinzona (arrive around 2). See the 3 castles
Train back to Lugano (arrive around 5)
Funicular up to San Salvatore
Train back to Milan

This would be in July, so late sunset.


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Too much, IMO. Lugano deserves a full day on its own. Bellinzona is probably a half-day for me.

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Seems like you're only allowing 2 1/2 hours to visit the three castles in Bellinzona. Even if you use a taxi, it's not enough time to visit all three. You might be able to complete viewing the lower Castelgrande in town. If you can, spend an unrushed day in Lugano and plan a full day in Bellinzona, preferably arriving for the Saturday morning market and then visiting all three castles. Wander the old town center. Have a great pizza sitting on the terrace of the Croce Federale.

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Take Bellinzona out, and spend a full day in Lugano proper.