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Lucerne, Murren, Como, Neuschwnstein in a week?

I get treatments in Germany every year for a month and have traveled mostly in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in previous years.

This year I though we would see Switzerland and Neuschwanstein Castle which I’ve never been to.

After looking at the maps and reading through the Rick Steves website, I’ve planned the following itinerary. I wanted to get feedback from those in the know if I should cut out anything or add something.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Day 1 - Pick my husband up at the Zurich airport and head to Lucerne.
Day 2 - Lucerne
Day 3. Murren
Day 4 & 5 Lake Como
Day 6 Neuscwanstein Castle
Day 7 Wurzburg or Rothenberg au Taubre. (Stop over while traveling)
Day 8. Back to Cologne where I am staying for the month.

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Your route looks too busy to me, I would drop lake Como and add 1 day to Lucerne + 1 day to Mürren. It will still be busy, because Neuschwanstein Castle is far away, but at least it will be feasible (although I worry that staying only one night near Neuschwanstein C. leaves little room to actually visit the castle - but i've never been to the castle)

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Too much travel to get to too many locations = not much time to see anything.
Como is forcing it is too far South.
Add those nights to the area around Murren

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Susan, it would take half a day to get from Luzern to Mürren, leaving you with half a day there. A whole day to get from there to Lake Como, leaving one day there. A whole day to get from Lake Como to Neuschwanstein (for the 30 minute tour inside). Distances on the map are deceiving and it always takes more than the just the time on the road or rail. Just my opinion.