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Lucerne Hotel for Wedding Reception

After a wedding at the Jesuit Church does anyone have recommendations for reception halls? This will be in December 2017 and some of the more well-known hotel reception venues are already booked. believe it or not.

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Seems like you have tried hotels already (Hotel des Balances is very nice, also do offsite catering at other venues like Schloss Meggenhorn and Gesellschaftshaus der Herren zu Schützen)....or how about the Grand Casino Luzern? Good location and they have a variety of room sizes. Have been to other functions there.
Not sure the size of your group, but otherwise I would suggest trying some of the restaurants in town to see if they can arrange something. Not far from the Jesuit church you could try Opus, Pfistern Zunfthaus, etc. The Astoria hotel also operates banquet rooms as well as a group of restaurants that might work for you.
I believe you can also charter/rent one of the lake cruise boats from
If you are still stuck, contact Lucerne Tourism and I am sure they can assist in finding a suitable venue.

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hopper18 - thank you for the great suggestions. Guess what. The Casino is already fully booked! :-) I think December is a busy time for Lucerne.

Thanks for your suggestions.

We did find a venue at the Grand Hotel National which was available.

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I guess there must be a lot of office and community organization holiday parties and the like filling things up. The Swiss are quite extreme with their advance planning though, so it doesn't surprise me that so many places were already booked! :)
Glad you found something in the end. The National Hotel should be a great option - my former employer used to hold company events there all the time and everything was always well-executed. Good food too! I assumed you had checked it already or would have mentioned it!